How To Attract Landlords To Your Agency

As a letting agent, you must know the importance of having landlords using your services. If you don’t have landlords using your services, you don’t have a rental property to offer, and you won’t attract tenants. Ideally, you need to attract tenants and landlords, bringing both these parties together, but having landlords on board can make it easier to attract tenants.

If you want to know how to attract landlords to your agency, you need to help landlords achieve their goals. The primary purpose for a landlord is to let property to tenants. As landlords usually have property, their focus is on connecting with tenants.

Your agency needs to focus on proving you can help landlords attract and engage tenants. For landlords, the right agency is:

• One who helps them reach tenants
• An agency which helps them deliver the best service to tenants
• Affordable
• Worthy of their trust

There are many different things to consider when looking to attract landlords to your agency. You want to show landlords you can help them reach tenants, and you want to develop brand awareness. You need to show landlords you understand local rules and regulations, making life easier for landlords. You always want to showcase your strengths, be it local knowledge, a database of existing tenants or the size or age of your agency. You should also look to promote your services.

How does an agency prove to landlords they are worthy?
You can’t just say you are a great agency and expect landlords to take this information at face value. People should be wary of what they read online. If you want someone to regard you as a knowledgeable and experienced agency, you need to provide them with evidence that supports this claim.

By creating and sharing content, you cultivate the image and identity that helps you attract the attention of landlords. If you know landlords want to find an agency who knows the local area, create content with a local slant. Perhaps the landlord wants support when it comes to regulatory matters. If they do, build and share content which details the latest regulations and what landlords should do to comply with the rules.

Content gives you the chance to “show, not tell” your prowess, and great blog content is far more effective at helping you connect with landlords. Also, great content aimed at your audience is more likely to be shared and recommended, helping you to develop a reputation as a trusted source in your local area.

Promote yourself
Once you have compelling content in place, you need to make sure people know about you. Good content should be shared, and social media is the platform for sharing and engaging. You need to create a social media strategy that doesn’t just share content, it should create a community where people are happy to speak, and you listen.

On social media, you need to offer images, video content, statistics, information, and just as crucially, you need to show you know more than just your business. If you only use social media to promote yourself, it becomes boring, so talk about local matters, support other firms, and have some fun.

This may seem like a slower or softer approach, but for social media, a more universal approach helps you develop an audience while making yourself look the dependable choice for landlords.

Offer landlords a service that they need
Every company wants contact details for clients, but not a lot of firms put the effort in to deserve useful contact details. If you wish landlords to engage with you and provide you with permission to email them or message them, you need to provide landlords with a strong reason to do so.

You should provide a valuable service, and one of the most essential services for a landlord is a property valuation. A property valuation is often the cornerstone of decisions landlords make, and how they engage tenants.

When a landlord knows the value of their home, they have a better idea of what they can charge for rent. If the value is higher than expected, a landlord will feel confident about the letting process. If the value is lower than expected, there may be issues with the property which landlords have to address.

Therefore, a valuation service is beneficial for landlords, and if you provide this service, in exchange for an email address or phone number, landlords will be more than happy to sign up.

Once you have contact details, you can create a communication campaign that develops awareness, and positions yourself as the leading agency landlords should choose.

How To Target Landlords Fast
If you don’t have time to waste, or you are determined to develop your business as quickly as possible, you need to know how to target landlords fast. The most effective way to target landlords is through social media advertising, primarily Facebook advertising.

Organic Facebook posts are essential for developing awareness, showcasing your strengths and driving traffic to your site. However, when it comes to connecting with landlords and creating initial awareness, spending money on advertising works far more effectively than organic posts.

It is crucial to target your audience, and Facebook advertising is effective in reaching specific people. You can target a location, you can target by age (and statistics indicate most landlords in the UK are 55 years old or older) and you can target by profession, hobbies or even through the similar audience.

If you have developed an audience on your Facebook profile, you can create ads reaching similar people. This is a smart strategy to use if you find you have a clearly defined audience.

Once you have created your target audience, it is time to create an advert. It is natural to create an advert that sings your praises and tries to get landlords to sign up straight away. Sadly, this is a strategy that usually fails.

A landlord is going to research before selecting an agency to represent them. If your advert is the first time a landlord sees your name or logo, they aren’t going to sign up on the backup of that one advert immediately.

At Agent Media, we appreciate there is a need to develop a relationship between yourself and landlords. We provide a Facebook advert service that creates a connection, building a persuasive argument for landlords to use your services.

Through a combination of blog content, organic posts and targeted ads, generally over a month, you develop a relationship that enables landlords to see why you’re the agency they need to call on.

To ensure landlords sign up for your services, you need to:

1. Grab landlords’ attention
2. Develop the interest they have in your business and services
3. Earn the trust of landlords
4. Persuade them to be motivated to engage you
5. Make them commit to you

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many agencies connect with landlords, and we look forward to assisting you. If you need support developing your agency, or you want to reach landlords effectively, get in touch, and we will arrange an appointment to detail how we can help you.

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