How To Attract New Vendors To Your Agency

If you want to attract new vendors to your agency, you need to know what vendors need from you. Vendors want to sell their home quickly, and for the best price. There are many different factors involved with the process, which is where you can prove your worth and value, but ultimately, vendors want to sell their home for the best price.

If a tenant believes you are the agency who can help them achieve these aims, they will choose you. If they find another agency is better equipped to help them, they will select the other agent. The property market is highly competitive, and there is a lot at stake.

Therefore, you need to prove you are the agent that can be trusted to sell homes. Some of the ways you can create a compelling argument to a vendor is by:

• Showcasing your expertise and track record in selling homes in the area or which are similar to theirs
• Prove you offer value for money services
• Show you have buyers waiting and willing to make an offer on homes like theirs
• Detailing your knowledge of the market, local area, and what it takes to sell homes

If you can showcase these strengths, you’ll go a long way to convincing vendors you are the agency they should trust to sell their home.

Show why you are the agent who sells a home in the local area
If you want people to sell their home with you, you should show them your experience in the market. The nature of social media in the present day means telling your audience what you do isn’t enough; you need to show your skills and expertise.

Reviews are always helpful, so try to engage current or previous clients to review your services. Customer reviews are more effective in detailing your expertise than anything you can say, so make this the cornerstone of your attempts to prove your worth and value to vendors.

Relevant content is also another fantastic way to connect with vendors, highlighting your worth to them. If you believe vendors want to choose a local agent, create and share localised content. If you think vendors want help from an experienced agent who knows the local market, detail changes in the property market, and how this impacts their actions and aims.

Creating excellent blog content develops brand awareness and confidence in what you do, while it provides you with content to share on your social media.

Be present where people are
In the current climate, you need to be present on social media. Your audience is on social media, making it the ideal platform to engage with people and prove you are the agency vendors should trust.

You need to develop an all-encompassing social media approach. It is vital to promote your services and highlight why you are a good fit for vendors, but you need to more. You need to engage your audience, you should ask questions, and you should go beyond talking about the property market.

If you only promote on social media, you miss out on the social aspect. In time, this approach leads to people overlooking your services or tuning out when they see your posts. You need to take a broader approach in reaching your audience, and a varied yet consistent social media approach helps.

Offer services vendors need
One of the most critical components of the sales process is the house value. If the house valuation is too high, it is difficult to attract buyers to the home. If the house valuation is too low, there will be interest in the property, but selling at this price leads to a loss of money for the vendor.

Therefore, an accurate valuation is often the starting point of the sales process. If you offer prospective vendors with a free valuation, they will listen to what you have to say. They will likely give you’re their contact details in exchange for this service, and once you have a vendors’ contact details, you can remain in touch. If you have an email list, you understand the benefits of being able to contact prospective clients regularly, extolling the virtues of your service and you can help them.

How to attract new vendors fast
Sometimes, you want to see quick results on your efforts. If you are keen to attract vendors quickly, Facebook ads can shortcut the process. Facebook ads allow you to target people by a range of factors including age, location, hobbies, interests, and who they engage with. You can even create a demographic based upon your existing followers.

The last option is highly effective, and if you believe your current followers on Facebook is indicative of your broader audience, it is the ideal starting point to pinpoint new vendors.

A traditional ad campaign where you use the advert to direct people to your site, and then hope to convert them is no longer the most effective use of social media. Selling a home is a significant decision, and vendors will research agents in the hope of finding the best professional to sell their home.

An ad campaign built over several weeks, showcasing your strengths, providing evidence of your work and engaging your audience is more effective than blindly sending people to your website.

It is essential to be social when you use social media, so make sure you develop a campaign that provides all the proof and reasons a vendor needs to select you as their agent. At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many agents develop and deliver a Facebook ad campaign that engages vendors, and creates a compelling argument to use their services.

To ensure vendors sign up for your services, you need to:

1. Grab vendors’ attention
2. Develop the interest they have in your business and services
3. Earn the trust of vendors
4. Persuade them to be motivated to engage you
5. Make them commit to you

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many agencies connect with vendors, and we look forward to assisting you. If you need support developing your agency, or you want to reach vendors effectively, get in touch, and we will arrange an appointment to detail how we can help you.

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