How To Become The Best Known Agency In Town

Being an estate agent is an enjoyable and rewarding job, but it is a demanding role. While many people view it as a calling as opposed to a job, you are not alone in coveting this role. There is a considerable level of competition in the estate agency industry.

Therefore, if you want to become the best-known agency in town, you need to do a lot of work to be better than your peers and rivals. However, it is good to have goals in your career and business life. By working towards this outcome, you create a pathway which will hopefully help you achieve more success.

Be good at what you do
Before you start worrying about marketing and standing out from the crowd, make sure you are good at what you do. You should study, earn qualifications and licences and learn from more experienced people. Research your local area, review the property market and get to know the people you work with.

If you develop your skills and become the agent or agency which delivers results consistently, the prospect of becoming the best-known agency in town is more comfortable to achieve.

Network and develop contacts
In your local area and industry, it helps to have a network of trusted people who you turn to for advice and to connect with other people. An estate agent or agency who stands alone or who doesn’t engage with others will raise suspicion.

Even though this is a highly competitive market, there is often camaraderie between professionals. If you develop a specialism in certain parts of the property or letting industry, you start to view other agents as peers who can assist you as opposed to being direct competitors.

A client may come to you with a request that you are unable to help them with. If you can direct them to an agent who can, you please the client, and you do a fellow professional a favour. In the long-term, these outcomes help you through recommendations, word-of-mouth praise and referrals to your business.

Also, when you know more people, it is much easier to stay in touch with the industry and local news. This knowledge helps you provide a better standard of service to your audience.

Have a local focus
If you want to be the best agent in a particular town, you need to show that you are an expert in the town. Develop a presence in the local area and take a greater interest in community events. Developing a local profile isn’t just about promoting yourself in the confines of the town, city or village; it is about being an active player in your community.

Support local charities, promote local events and do what you can to show you know and care about what goes on around you. If you do, you’ll find people recognise you, and will be more likely to do business with you.

Promote yourself effectively
When you have these building blocks in place, you can promote yourself more effectively. At this stage, you should create content that builds your brand and which reinforces the idea you are the number one agent in your local area.

Share your knowledge, expertise and research
People want to hire a qualified and knowledgeable estate agent. The easiest way to show and share your experience is through the content you offer online. Blog content, web posts, videos and social media posts help people form an opinion of your agency. If you provide great content that informs, educates and entertains your audience, people will want to hear from you.

More importantly, people will start to trust you more than other agencies in your area.

Share reviews and testimonials
In the present day, social proof is everything. People want to know other people have used your services with success before they commit to using you. The best way to achieve this is to show reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

No matter how great your content is, if potential clients see people like them approving of you, and giving great reviews, they will be far more likely to choose your services.

Develop and share opinions
It is easy to regurgitate thoughts and views about your local area and industry. You can help people in your community by sharing other people’s thoughts and opinions. However, before too long, if you only share content and ideas, people will overlook your contribution.

If you want to stand out in your local community, have opinions and share these thoughts with other people. You should never be controversial for the sake of it, but if you have passionate beliefs and ideas for your area, sharing them is a sensible idea. As long as you can back-up and defend your opinions, you should feel confident in sharing them.

How do you reach local people?
Once you have followed all these steps, the most important thing is to reach people. This step can be challenging. If you have a local presence, such as a High Street office, make sure you are prominent when people walk by.

However, you will find social network platforms provide you with an ideal chance to target and connect with a local audience. Your content creation activities boost your organic reach, but to connect quickly, consider Facebook advertising.

Facebook ads are a cost-effective way of targeting people you wish to speak to. There are many demographics to choose from, but if you want to reach local people, start with a regional focus. By delivering a series of targeted and relevant ads and content at a carefully selected group, you’ll find you connect and engage with the people you wish to reach.

At Agent Media, we offer a range of services, including Facebook ad support, which helps you create a campaign aimed at growing your audience and becoming the number one agency in your town. If you would like to learn more about how we help you hit the top spot in your local, contact us today.

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