How to Build a Personal Brand with Content Marketing

It seems like there is an almost endless list of advice for businesses with respect to promotion and marketing these days. Traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as they used to be for many industries and with so many new ways of engaging an audience; a lot of firms are struggling to connect.

In a highly competitive industry like the property and lettings market, it is no wonder professionals are unsure of how best to connect with their audience. However, combining traditional marketing methods with the immediacy of modern platforms is a smart idea and there has never been a better time to develop a personal brand for your estate agents business.

Personal branding is hugely important in the property sector. With so many firms competing in the same location and in similar ways, it is difficult for people to differentiate between companies. However, people find it easier to differentiate between people and if you’re looking to create a connection that means people turn to you, recommend you and view you as being the trusted option, personal branding makes sense.

So what is personal branding?
Personal brand is where you place yourself as the brand that people engage with. You are marketing yourself, presenting yourself in a manner that people engage and connect with, generating excitement and interest.

Everything you do feeds into how people perceive you and this develops your branding. Whether you have a personal mantra, a mission statement or consistency in what you do, the thing that people think of when they see your name is your brand. You’ll be glad to know that it is possible to shape how people perceive you, which means that estate agents can use personal branding to promote their business, gain clients and win instructions.

So how do I develop my personal brand?
Virtually everything you do can impact on your brand and how you are perceived but you will find that content market is a hugely effective way to develop your personal brand. In the modern day, content represents so many different ways to communicate. Yes, blogging is still hugely important with respect to content but a post on social media is content, a quick five second video is content.

If you have previously dismissed content as something that you have to write, it is time to reappraise your view because content can be created and delivered in many ways.

Content marketing is hugely effective in achieving the following outcomes:

  • Increasing your level of authority amongst your audience
  • Making you seem more likable and trustworthy
  • Building the influence you hold over people
  • Improving the SEO of your website
  • Generating leads
  • Converting website visitors into customers

These are all outcomes that estate agents and letting agents should be keen to achieve. It is  natural for professionals to hear terms like content marketing and find themselves switching off or that eyes glaze over. There are many buzzwords and new business practices to consider and you aren’t going to develop an interest in all of them. However, content marketing itself isn’t the important thing. The important thing about content marketing is the results it delivers. With content marketing, the real focus is helping people see you are the agent to trust, making sure more people land on your website and then turning these visitors into customers.

Content marketing is merely a path to achieve the outcomes that you need for business, and at Agent Media, we help you create content marketing that helps your business prosper.

People trust people more than they trust brands
The bottom line about personal branding and content marketing is that people trust people. With studies suggesting 90% of respondents would trust a service or product recommendation from a person while only 33% of respondents would trust the same message from a brand; it is obvious that the personal touch is essential when reaching out to your audience.

Developing your personal brand ensures that people get to know you, and this allows them to trust you and rely on you. This is so more effective than trying to persuade people to trust a company, and it is why personal branding, and content marketing, are effective options for estate agents.

So, know that you understand why personal branding through content marketing is essential for your business, how can you build your personal brand with content marketing.

How do you make personal branding work for you?
Some of the most effective ways to develop a personal brand with content marketing is:

  1. Provide regular blogs (weekly) with personal insight
  2. Write an ebook or book
  3. Answer questions from your audience
  4. Share content on social media – ensuring you post consistently and regularly
  5. Create video content
  6. Set up a podcast
  7. Guest blog or interview

All of these methods are aimed at putting your name in front of the right people but also reinforcing the fact that you are an expert in your field. If there are a number of estate agents for a homeowner to select from when selling their home, wouldn’t they be impressed if one of these agents had published books about the property market?

With self-publishing providing effective ways to create and release content, it has never been easier to publish a book, and the positive impact on your reputation will stand you apart from your peers and rivals. Having a regular blog and answering questions from your audience will help reinforce your credentials but when it comes to making an immediate impact, having a book with your name on it and maybe even your picture on the back page or the inside of the book will make people take notice.

All these methods can help you connect with your audience and they’ll ensure that people listen to you and place in higher regard.

In a competitive marketplace, this advantage can make a huge difference to your business and with help from Agent Media; personal branding can be easily achieved. If you would like to learn more about personal branding through content marketing, contact us for more details.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK