How to Capitalise on The Experts in Your Industry or Area

No matter the area you operate in or even what industry you are part of, there will be experts that people respect. You may be fortunate enough that you are regarded as the expert in your area or industry and your content can improve your reputation amongst your audience and community. However, it is likely that other people will be the experts in your field and if you want to enhance your reputation, you need to know how to capitalise on the experts in your industry or area.

Create a blog post that builds on information they share
Experts in your area or sector will often have something to say. By responding to these comments and providing a more localised slant on their opinion or stating how it matters to your audience, you can build on the expert’s opinion.

This is helpful because it shows you are aware of your market, you understand important matters and you can take relevant news and adapt it to the services you offer and the services your audience uses. There is also a greater chance of connecting with the expert and their audience on social media if you use their ideas or content for the formation of your own content.

Share and RT their content on social media platforms
A very simple way to benefit from the thoughts and opinions of leaders is to share it with your own audience. If there are a number of people or bodies you respect and trust in your local area, you can share their content and be seen as a news aggregator.

This is a brilliant way to engage your audience because you can save people a lot of time and money. Rather than having to follow a group of experts or relevant people, following you will provide your audience with everything they need to see.

If you believe the expert is wrong, say so, but you must justify your stance
If you disagree with what an expert says, you can say so. However, if you are going to write a piece that goes against a trusted individual or body in your sector, you need to make sure you can justify your stance.

A lot of people have made their name through negativity or being outspoken, but this isn’t a good strategy for an estate agent to have. You should look to provide guidance and information to your audience and if you do have to be negative, make sure that you are negative for a good reason.

Engage their followers
One way in which many estate agents benefit from following a user is by following their followers or engaging with people. There are many conversations taking place on social media. If you have something useful or informative to add to a conversation, you should do so.

You shouldn’t butt into conversations and you shouldn’t try to commandeer conversations but if you believe you have something useful to add to the conversation, step in and add value to the conversation.

Study their actions

The simplest way to benefit from leaders and experts in your area or sector is to study their actions and then imitate them while adding your own spin or touch. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to social media success, and if there are known ways of engaging your audience, look to incorporate these ideas and then develop your own personal style around this.

If you are looking to be recognised as an expert in your sector, post regularly and offer value. At Agent Media, we provide a range of services that ensure you can connect with your audience while enhancing your reputation, so get in touch.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK