How To Make Video Less Scary In 2020

You know video content is crucial, and as an estate agent, video content provides your audience with what they want to see. You must give your audience what they want, and whether you are showcasing a property or your services, video content is effective, efficient, and it gets results.

However, we know many people are worried about creating video content. You may not like the thought of speaking on camera, or you may not know what to do or say with your videos. If you understand video content is crucial for your business, but you are scared of making videos, you are not alone. Thankfully, help is available.

At Agent Media, we provide an extensive range of social media and content services for our clients. We are pleased to say we have helped many agents harness the power of video, and we want to help you. Here are some top tips on how to make video less scary in 2020.

Be prepared before you make videos
If you don’t prepare what you plan to say or show in your video, you increase the chances of creating poor quality videos. Making a video is no different from any other activity. If you want the best results, you need to put some time and effort into the process, and if you prepare videos, you will start to see better results in no time.

The best starting point when planning a video is to think about who you want to reach, what they want to see, and how you can get someone to act after watching the video. If you’re going to let property to young professionals, your approach will be different from an agent who is selling homes to families.

Therefore, think about your audience, and how you can best connect with them. Create a script for your video, making sure you include all the things you want to say. Run through the video a few times to make sure it reads well and that it conveys the best information. You also want to feel confident speaking the script, as this will help you relax on camera.

Over time, you may become so comfortable and confident with videos you can make them with no preparation. However, this isn’t the case if you are starting, and it isn’t the case for most people, even after time. When you plan and prepare your video, you will be more confident, and in control, so strategically start the process.

Try different types of videos and find which ones help you feel comfortable
There are many kinds of video to choose from, and some may be more effective for you than others. Whether you want to present your video, show video clips, show images or combine these elements, you may find some videos more accessible to make than others.

There is no right or wrong format when it comes to videos. The important thing is to ensure you achieve the best outcome, and you connect with your audience. Look at examples online or contact us for details on the full range of video types you offer. Once you find a video style which works for you and your audience, the video-making process becomes more manageable and enjoyable.

Use analytics to understand what results you achieve
One of the best ways to feel less scared when making videos is to use analytics. When you see the impact making video has on your website or leads, you get a feel for what is working. Also, if you try different video types, you can review the engagement of each type, and it may be one style is more appealing to your audience than others.

Test different video types and posting at different times while keeping a close eye on hits, likes, shares, comments and all forms of engagement which provide you with insight into how your videos perform.

Practice and repeat the process
After you have followed all the previously mentioned tips, the secret to success is to keep going. Whether you view this as practice or just repeating the process is down to you, but you need to keep going. Too many people fail, with video and all other activities, because they fail to stick to a plan or allow something enough time to achieve success.

Video can help you connect with your audience quickly, but in all likelihood, it is a lengthy process. By continuing to make videos, and by being consistent in your output, you enhance your chances of developing a following. When you continue to show up in making videos, you increase the chances of success, and the process becomes much less scary.

If you need a helping hand in making videos, or you would like assistance from a company with a track record in creating video content for estate agents, contact Agent Media. We are pleased to say we have assisted many estate agents deliver practical and informative video content, and we are happy to help you. Contact us today to arrange an appointment and make 2020 your best year yet.

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