How To Promote Virtual Viewings On Social Media?

Virtual viewings are an essential component of selling a home these days, and all estate agents should offer this service.

If you are yet to be convinced regarding the merits of virtual viewings, you might find a study conducted in late summer 2021 to be revealing.

The nature of property viewings has evolved

A recent study, carried out U-See Homes, has reinforced the changing nature of property viewings. The study highlighted the plight of property buyers who were unable to arrange a viewing before the property was sold.

Properties are moving quickly these days, with physical viewings having less impact:

  • 51% of buyers said they experienced homes being sold before they made it to the viewing stage
  • 33% of respondents said this happened with at least one quarter of their scheduled viewing
  • 9% said they couldn’t view the property for around a quarter and half of their scheduled appointments
  • 9% said they couldn’t view the property on at least half of their scheduled appointments

The findings indicate more than half of property buyers experienced a home they held an interest in being sold before they could arrange a viewing.

Many buyers struggle to arrange a second viewing

The same study also looked at the challenges for buyers in arranging a second viewing. A couple of years ago, it was commonplace for prospective buyers to view homes a handful of times, if not more, in deciding if they would make an offer.

In the current climate, this is not the case, as the following findings suggest:

  • 38% of buyers said this was the case
  • 15% of respondents said it happened at least a quarter of the time before they arranged a second viewing
  • 48% of UK buyers said they would be happy to submit an offer after an initial viewing in person with a second viewing conducted virtually
  • 36% said a virtual tour would have helped them avoid unnecessary viewings
  • 16% of respondents said they would submit an offer on a property liked after a virtual viewing, and without having seen it in person

Simon Dempsey, head of marketing for U-See Homes, commented: “Homes are selling like hotcakes in the current market and if you’re lucky enough to reach the offers stage, the chances are you’ll have some tough competition from a number of other eager buyers. For over half of homebuyers, the initial task of getting a foot in the door is proving too large an obstacle and many are finding the properties they have scheduled to view are flying off the shelf before they’ve even had a chance to view them.”

Simon continued by saying; “Virtual viewings can be a vital resource in overcoming this current property market pitfall, allowing you to get a very good idea of a home before viewing, or as a follow up to an initial viewing to reconfirm your feelings. Doing so allows you to at least remove the need for an unnecessary additional viewing in person and if you do want to make an offer, it can mean getting in ahead of the rest.”

Simon concluded by saying; “Of course, while virtual viewings can streamline the process, you need to make it to that all-important physical viewing first which is also proving a tough ask. That said, 16% of buyers would be prepared to submit an offer without seeing the home in person first – and even we’re a little surprised by that.”

The last point highlighted by Simon should be an eye-opener for all estate agents. Their findings suggest 16% of prospective buyers would be willing to submit an offer without viewing the home in person.

Buyers are making offers quickly these days

With surveys and reports to be carried out, this isn’t as shocking as it sounds. Also, people can review the surrounding area online in a manner that they couldn’t before. If someone knows the chosen area and understands what is on offer, they might feel confident in viewing the home virtually to make an offer.

Given how quickly offers are being made on homes these days, some prospective buyers might feel as though they have no choice but to be presumptuous with their offer.

As an estate agent, it is vital you:

  • Create the best standard of virtual viewings that you can – and if this means calling in external help, so be it
  • Assist the homeowner in staging and styling their property as best as you can to ensure it connects with as many likely buyers as possible
  • Promote the virtual viewing as best you can – reaching out to the most likely buyer and presenting the viewing in a manner which appeals to likely parties

The good thing about this is that you shouldn’t have to do anything different to reach prospective buyers. The steps you already take in knowing who the most likely buyers are, connecting with the most likely buyers and giving them what they are looking for are all relevant.

However, you need to build on these pillars with great quality video footage and images, and you need to be present on social media.

Your social media content drives interest in viewings

You have a chance to offer teaser clips, especially with the Story style content prevalent on social media these days. If you are on platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, you will be familiar with story clips. Of course, even Facebook and Instagram offer this style of content, and it is a brilliant way to reach people quickly, while enticing them to check out more.

This means you shouldn’t just capture images and video content for listings and standard promotional material, you need to think about content that catches the imagination and attention within seconds.

You will find that the camera in your smartphone will provide you with all the technology you need to capture this footage, and your flair for presenting homes should do the rest.

As said above, virtual viewings and presenting homes for modern buyers isn’t a massive change from the way you would present property. The technology has changed, as opposed to the tried and trusted approaches. Therefore, it means you might need assistance to capitalise on modern methods, and this is where Agent Media is more than happy to assist you.

If you are an estate agent looking to connect with clients, you need to move with the times and provide the services people want and need. Right now, this includes virtual views. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to become the local estate agent people rely on, and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.