How To Promote Your Estate Agency: Balancing Bashfulness and Boasting

When it comes to promoting your estate agency business, you know you need to be seen and heard. This is a highly competitive marketplace, and you have plenty of rivals, even if you operate in a small, local area.

Many people have a preconceived idea about estate agents and their self-confidence levels. There is a lot to be said for being confident in such a challenging industry, but in promoting your agency, there is a need to balance bashfulness and boasting.

We are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents reach their audience in recent years. Each firm and professional is unique, and you do need to find your voice, and reach your audience in a way that matches your personality. However, we think there are certain things you should consider when it comes to engaging your audience most appropriately.

If you make a claim, back it up
Even if you don’t want to make too many claims about your services, when you do, you should always back it up. If you state you are the leading estate agent in your town and follow it up with no information supporting this claim, you cannot expect people to take your claim seriously. In a highly competitive market such as the property market, there is a lot of options, and many of these professionals make big claims.

Therefore, if you can showcase awards, sales figures, a track record of selling homes for higher than the asking price, or consistently high reviews or ratings, you should share this with your audience. By providing evidence for your claims, people will look at you in a different light and will be more likely to listen to what you say.

As always, place yourself in the shoes or a prospective customer. If two estate agents claim to be the leading estate agent in their town, which agent would you listen to and choose? The agent who makes big claims, and doesn’t follow up, or the agent who makes big claims, but then provides evidence which provides you with confidence about choosing their sentence.

You must make some noise
You’ll also note in the previous example, and the decision came down to two agents making a lot of noise. There was no mention of the meek and mild agent who doesn’t make any noise, and this is because if you aren’t seen or heard, people will not choose you.

Even if your business ethos is to be quiet, and get on with the main task of serving your audience, you still need to make some noise, so people are aware of you.

Let other people do your talking for you
If you aren’t comfortable with boasting about the service you offer, one solution is to let other people do your talking for you. In the social media era, consumer reviews, testimonials and feedback is vital.

You cannot blame customers for no longer trusting businesses. There is a need for social proof, and if you have a lot of positive reviews about the services you offer to your audience, you must make these a focal point of your marketing activities.

There are many ways you can share reviews, including:
• Infographics
• Audio clips
• Video clips
• Compilations of audio/video clips
• Blog posts
• Interviews with customers – in written, audio or video format
• Retweets and shares from customer posts

If you have customers willingly leaving you reviews, it indicates you are providing a reliable service, and you should share these posts with as many people as possible. However, don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. If you have genuinely helped a customer, they will likely be happy to leave a review or testimonial which helps you and other people.

Incorporate these positive reviews into adverts
With social proof being essential, you should look to incorporate reviews and positive feedback into your marketing and advertising activities. Social media advertising is hugely essential for estate agents, and part of your campaign should focus on sharing the thoughts of previous customers.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents develop Facebook ad campaigns which work. Rather than running a one-off advert, we devise a campaign that grows awareness of your business and helps generate trust and develop a relationship with your audience. We believe social proof should form a part of this campaign because it is highly effective in making people feel confident about the services you offer.

If you would like to learn more as to how you can best promote your agency without sounding boorish, please contact Agent Media, and we’ll be pleased to help.

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