How to set up a Facebook campaign to target Landlords

The fact that Facebook boasts of having more than two million users on the site each month could be off-putting when it comes to using it to support your business. If you are an estate agent keen to reach out to landlords, you may think that the volume of users would make your search akin to looking for a needle in a haystack, but help is available. If you are looking to set up a Facebook campaign to target landlords, Agent Media is here to help.

Target landlords who you can help
Facebook ads allow you to target groups of people directly, making it a hugely crucial tool for estate agents looking to win instructions. There are three main options to use when choosing an audience on Facebook and these are:

  1. Core Audience
  2. Custom Audience
  3. Lookalike Audience

One or two of these options may feel better for you but it is best to consider all the options and then see what one is the best fit for your estate agency.

Core Audience
The core audience option is built on characteristics, with useful options like age, location, education or relationship status being available to choose from. However, in looking for landlords, it may be that the workplace option or job title is of greater benefit. These options can help you directly target landlords, so the core audience option is a “must-have” option for estate agents looking to reach landlords.

Custom Audience
You’ll find the custom audience is of interest because it helps you better connect with people who you already know or who have had a prior relationship with. Just because you have contact details of someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they are your customers. This tool gives you another chance to connect with people who have liked your page, who have visited your site or who have used your app if you have one.

The obvious benefit of reaching out to a custom audience is that you won’t be cold calling people. These are people who are already aware of you and this re-connection may provide you with the chance to convert them into clients.

Lookalike Audience
With the lookalike audience, you can connect with an audience of people who share similar characteristics with your custom audience and existing contacts. While each potential client will be unique in their own way, this seems like a sensible way to approach a new audience.

One thing to remember about landlords is that they may not be based in your current area. For some landlords, the offer of a strong rental yield is more important than being based in an area so if you find that focusing on a local area isn’t bringing you much in the way of prospective landlords, be prepared to widen your search.

At Agent Media, we aim to provide you with as much support and guidance as we can in reaching out to your audience on social media. If you’re looking to gain instructions from landlords, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK