How To Share Landlord Reviews

No matter the industry you operate, social proof is critical in the present day. If you are a letting agent looking to entice landlords to your business, you need to offer reviews. People want to see what people like them think of you, and they want to see reviews from genuine users.

Therefore, you should give your audience what they want. A letting agent with no reviews would raise alarm bells for many people. This is a highly competitive market, and you need to showcase your services in the best manner.

However, given that sharing reviews is so important, all letting agents should have reviews listed on-site and shared on social media. When everyone in your industry does the same thing, users can become overloaded, and they can feel jaded. You need to share reviews, but you need to know how to share landlord reviews excitingly.

Landlord reviews need to engage your audience
You must engage your audience with content, and landlord reviews are no different. Rather than sharing the text of a review, here are some ways for you to use your reviews in a more impactful manner.

Video content
You need to use video content in the modern-day, so why not use it to share landlord reviews. There are many different ways you can present a review, with whiteboard videos, fast-moving text and a simple presentation style all being valid.

It is essential to choose a video style that matches your brand. If you are a youthful and energetic letting agency, choose a bright video that moves at a fast pace with a lot of cuts between scenes. If you are a traditional letting agency looking to provide a mature and measured service, opt for a more straightforward video style that shares the content.

Images are a fantastic way to grab attention on social media. If the review you received has a star rating, you have an immediate “hook” to draw people into the image and review. Again, try to match your style of image to the identity of your company.

Infographics are images that offer more details and information, so are perfect for expressive reviews, or combining several reviews. If you can place a percentage score on how many landlords give you a positive review, this information works exceptionally well on an infographic.

Video reviews and testimonials
A quick, and possibly fun, way to create a video review is to interview the landlord. If you do this at your business premises, you can develop consistency while showing people your work surroundings. If you do this at the landlord’s property, it provides people with a look into the houses you let, hopefully helping them see you can assist them.

There is an added element of authenticity when you have a genuine person saying their review on the camera. If you’re looking to connect with an audience, content featuring other users is always of benefit.

Audio clips
Thanks to the emergence of podcasts, people are very comfortable listening to audio clips online these days. You don’t need to create a podcast for your letting agency where you feature reviews (although you can), you can create and share short audio clips on your website or social media pages.

Also, with an expected rise in promotional activities on platforms like WhatsApp, audio clips and voice messages allow you to offer quick and active content users want to find. There is also the fact that with voice searches rising, it doesn’t hurt to introduce audio elements to your website and social platforms.

If you’re a letting agent and you need help engagingly displaying landlord reviews, we can help. No matter what aspect of social media you need assistance with, or would like guidance on, we are here to help. Contact Agent Media to arrange a time to discuss your marketing activities, and how you can engage your audience.

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