How To Win New Instructions Using Facebook Boosting Of Posts

If you’re an estate agent, you want to gain new instructions. However, so does every other agent in your local area, and beyond! Many agents are unsure of how to win new instructions or are wary of the time, effort and cost involved with reaching your audience and attracting attention.

However, did you know gaining new instructions is as simple as posting on Facebook?
At Agent Media, we are delighted to say we have assisted many estate agents in gaining new instructions, and Facebook is a brilliant platform to reach your audience. Here are our simple but effective steps in generating more valuation requests:

1. Post a new property introduction and boost in a one-mile radius of where the property is located
2. Post property when under offer in a one-mile radius
3. Post the property once again when the exchange has taken place, and again, in a one-mile radius
4. On completion day, post the property again, and for a one-mile radius

If you follow these steps on every single instruction, you will generate more valuation requests in that same area.

Before too long, you will have that area full of your for sale and sold boards, making you the agent people instinctively think of when it comes to selling homes in that particualr area.

What you do online impacts your offline impact, and Facebook boosting is a quick and straightforward way of increasing your reach and ensuring your brand is better known.

Facebook posting is an updated version of the traditional local leaflet drop
If you are looking for a real-life example, consider Facebook posts like a leaflet drop. You will generate some interest with people looking for your services now, but you also enhance your name and reputation.

This act might be the one which helps you gain instruction in six months as you are the agent that sticks in a prospective vendors mind. It might be you gain an instruction through a word-of-mouth recommendation, as this act makes you the agent people mention when asked for a local agent.

Also, and this will be more important for some agents, you can feel confident about the post being seen by your audience.

If you hire someone to drop leaflets for you, there is always a concern they will be placed in the bin or a local river rather than be placed through people’s doors. If you plan on dropping off leaflets yourself, you are saving wear and tear on your shoes, your legs, you don’t have to worry about being snarled at by dogs, and you don’t need to check the weather forecast before you leave the office or home!

With Facebook boosting, you receive all the benefits of a traditional leaflet drop, without any of the concerns or worries of this marketing strategy.

You know instructions are vital for your business, and you know you have tools and services that your audience needs. At Agent Media, we are here to ensure you use the most effective tactics to reach your audience, allowing you to gain instructions with a minimal outlay of your time, effort and money.

Contact us today to become the local agent who reaches your audience and wins instructions.