I’m An Estate Agent: I Have £250 to Spend on Facebook Advertising – What Shall l Do?

I'm An Estate Agent I Have £250 to Spend on Facebook Advertising What Shall I Do

If you are an estate agent with a budget for social media advertising, such as Facebook advertising, it is important to use this money wisely. Many firms waste their advertising budget by rushing into campaigns without thinking about what they want to achieve.

There are many different elements with which you can tinker with a Facebook advertising campaign but you should always be looking towards the goals associated with the campaign, and here are four key areas you should be focusing on.

Advertising page to get likes
When it comes to Facebook advertising, running a campaign to get more likes for your page is a smart idea. This means that more people will see your content in the long-term it gives you a platform to engage with at a later date, and it also means you are developing a list of customers.

This is a straightforward style campaign and using basic language that encourages people to like your page can be highly effective.

Run a giveaway campaign
If you have used Facebook at any point recent, you will be familiar with competitions that run along the lines of “Like and share” to gain entry into a prize draw to win a prize. These are very simple to set-up and promoting the competition to a targeted audience will ensure that you get a great return of people getting involved.

Of course, the fact that the conditions of entering are based on people liking and sharing means that you get a lot of new followers while also having your competition and company shared with other users. This can provide you with a lot of new followers and fans in a short period of time.

A competition for the local community
With select targeting and the right sort of prize, you will find that this sort of campaign can be highly effective. When you run a competition aimed at the local community, you don’t need to limit yourself to offering a prize that relates to your firm,

In fact, as an estate agent, you would be far more effective at offering a prize for a meal at a local restaurant, cinema tickets for a local theatre or even shopping vouchers with a local store.

This style of competition helps you connect with a local audience while ensuring you obtain likes and contact details from local residents who may eventually benefit from your services.

An advertising campaign that promotes and sells your service
Rather than running a Facebook campaign aimed at getting likes for your page, why not run a campaign aimed directly at promoting your services?

This can promote what you do or it can direct interested parties towards a page on your business site. Directing people to your site for a specific service, or a general campaign aimed at a landing page can promote your activities but it can also allow you to obtain email addresses and contact information.

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