I’m An Estate Agent: 6 Reasons To Use LinkedIn Well

I'm An Estate Agent  6 Reasons To Use Linkedin Well

With LinkedIn aiming to take a more formal and business approach than other social media sites and platforms, there is a lot to be said for ensuring you and your business are well represented on the site. This is the ideal platform to showcase your strengths and make connections.

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn provides a number of benefits with respect to your image, identity and standing in the industry and local community. Using LinkedIn in the right manner will see your business profile and reputation grow, helping you to make sales at a later date.

Here are 6 ways in which you can use LinkedIn well.

Be recognised as an expert and thought leader
There is a platform to share opinions and articles on LinkedIn, and this provides you with the platform to be seen as a knowledgeable expert in chosen fields. By focusing on industry topics or items of interest to the local community, you can shape an image and identity that sees you being regarded as a go-to expert.

Make relevant connections
You shouldn’t worry about volume of connections, you should focus on quality and this is an area that LinkedIn is highly effective. You will find that you can carry out advanced searches, allowing you to target people based on whatever you are looking for. When it comes to making effective business contacts, LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform.

Target leads
There is also an opportunity to generate leads and develop customer lists on LinkedIn. Tapping into the local professional market may provide you with easy access to your intended audience, so it makes sense to build your connections with respect to key demographics and background. This can be more difficult to achieve on other social media platforms, so if you are looking to make effective connections, LinkedIn is the ideal platform.

Be more informed before you meet people
If you are meeting clients or prospective buyers or sellers, knowing a little bit about them can be of benefit. Facebook and Twitter provides personal information, which isn’t something you want to delve too deeply into when meeting a new client but knowing a little about a person’s business background can provide a great ice-breaker when it comes to meeting them. Connecting with someone of LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to find some common ground before meeting.

Be recognised as a source of local and industry news
As a social media platform, part of the appeal about LinkedIn is the fact that people share and forward stories or links. If you are promoting relevant and interesting content about your industry or local area, people are likely to share it. This means that you can expand your reach quickly and effectively.

Drive quality traffic to your site
LinkedIn, like all good social media sites, provides an ideal opportunity to place links towards your site. If you are keen to direct people to what you offer, providing relevant and interesting content on your LinkedIn page is a great way to have people interested in further content or information about what you offer.

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