I’m An Estate Agent: How To Stand Out From Your Competitors By Using Social Media


At one point, being an estate agent on social media was probably enough to stand you out from your peers and rivals, but this is no longer the case. There has been a growing level of awareness about the importance of social media in promoting your estate agent’s business and this is why there will be many of your rivals and competitors on the platform.

There is still a way to stand out in an effective manner though because not every estate agent is using social media in the way that they should. There is an opportunity for estate agents to stand out from their competitors and social media is at the heart of it all.

Be active in your local community
First of all, social media is excellent for being a part of the local community. You should follow local groups, bodies and organisations and you should look to engage them in conversation about the local area. If you want to be seen as an estate agent that is an expert in an area, be part of the local community, which you can do by being active on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t be the estate agent that just promotes properties
While you may feel tempted to continually promote your properties, you’ll find that this is a sure-fire way to lose followers and make people feel badly about your firm. Don’t panic about other estate agents who are always promoting, they aren’t get a jump on your firm; they are actually weakening their image and identity on social media.

Create debate
Nothing sticks in people’s minds like a good debate so if there is a topic in your local community, get involved and talk about. Looking out for hashtags or conversations that are relevant to your area and industry will give you a chance to voice your opinion. You shouldn’t be controversial for the sake of it, but if you have an opinion and a viewpoint that is researched and you fully believe in, make sure that you talk about it on your social media platforms. Of course, as with any debate, it is important that you listen and respond, you cannot just state your own opinion and not engage with others.

Use Instagram
Social media isn’t just Twitter and Facebook; there are plenty of sites that you can use. You won’t want to be on them all but given the importance of images in promoting your property and connecting with a local audience, consider having an Instagram account. This is the ideal platform for sharing images and if you have great pictures of your homes and the local area, this is an ideal place to share them. Tumblr and Pinterest are of interest too, and you may want to be found on these platforms as well.

Video content is crucial
As internet connections improve and mobile devices get bigger and clearer, the importance of video cannot be stated enough. Twitter and Facebook are continually improving their video options, with Twitter working hard to allow better quality video to be uploaded straight to the platform from your mobile device. Much like using great images, video content of your properties and the local community will really help your firm to stand out.

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Written By

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