Importance of Email Marketing for An Estate Agent

Email marketing has been an important tool in the marketing box of businesses for a number of years now and done poorly this could cost your brand dearly. However, done correctly – you could be one step ahead of your competition and be winning more instructions.

Let’s be honest, for estate agents we know that it all boils down to winning instructions because without the properties to sell you are going nowhere fast. So, how can email marketing be used to help estate agents win more instructions.

Firstly, let’s look at what email marketing really is. This is a marketing tactic that enables you to email your database of clients (buyers, sellers, landlords etc.) with various articles that could be of interest to them. If you are making your emails interesting then people will continue to subscribe, if you are failing in that department then the ‘unsubscribe’ button will be the first link they click on.

What type of articles can you use?

Here are just a few ideas we wanted to share with you:

Company News
This is an important one to share but don’t tell people how wonderful you are all the time. They do not need to know that. Perhaps, you could provide them with a case study of how you have helped someone recently. A nice story about how you managed to help a first time buyer find the perfect home or maybe you had some problems during the legal process that you managed to overcome resulting in an exchange and completion.

If you have someone in the company who is celebrating a work anniversary, then this is a positive story to be telling your readers.

Industry News
What is really happening in the property market? This is what people want to know and an honest approach from your company will help people build trust in your brand. There is no point telling people that the market is flying when we all know that it can be tough out there. Use some content from a reliable source and add some of your own commentary to this to show that you (as the estate agent) are in touch with what is happening. Or better still write an informative article on house prices or rental yields in your area. This will show potential vendors and landlords that you are an experienced Estate Agent that has its finger on the pulse in the local community. This is something that we can also help you with through Agent Content. Five articles of content are priced at just £125 + vat per month.

Local News
Is there a local event coming up that you are likely to be attending? If you are sponsoring a local fete or event, then share this with your readers. If there is a new shop that has opened in your town, talk to them, and say you would like to write a blog about their story. This will automatically provide a new business relationship within your area, and they would probably recommend you. They will also see that you have a keen eye on what is happening locally. Local people buy local estate agents and this is another way of people getting to see who you really are.

Property for Sale / To Let
There is no harm in adding a property to your newsletter. Maybe choose a property as a ‘feature of the month’ but make sure you add some notes on this article about the type of buyer this would be suited to. From researching click through rates, property remains very popular with Estate Agents subscribers.

Your Services
Do you offer a particular service that you feel people would like to know more about? You can look at targeting a particular demographic with this. If you offer a commission or special offer, then add this to the email.

Top Tips
People like to engage with you if your content is interesting, informative. If you have some excellent ideas about how to prepare your home ready for sale, then share these on your next email. If you are giving people something of value, they will keep coming back for more.

Area Guides
If you have relevant, interesting and informative content added to your email marketing strategy that includes guides about the areas you cover this will help your ‘out of area’ readers see you as an authoritative source of information. Everyone loves to read a little more about things to do in an area, how the local schools are performing or even what the transport links are like.

What is the objective?
This was covered at the top of this article however we also need to look at what else you are trying to achieve in sending out regular emails. If you can drive more traffic back to your website each time, then this will only help your brand. Avoid sending people away to other websites (and especially not the portals!) as they are your clients on your database.

What is the next step?
You have two choices really. You either subscribe to some software and spend hours planning your email marketing strategy or you look to outsource to a company who understands email marketing and the industry. This is where we come in because we can help you from day one help build your brand through email marketing. If you are looking to make your emails stand out from the rest, you can even look at creating an infographic with Agent Design. These start at just £149.00 + vat and will transform your email into an interesting image that tells the story.

Just remember, that you need to continuously keep adding email addresses to your database to help this grow into a listing machine. Without your database, you are not email marketing.

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Hopefully this article has helped you understand the importance of email marketing for estate agents.

Please get in touch if you would like some more information on this or call us on 0330 333 6699 to speak to an experienced member of the team.

Simon Clark