Importance Of Competitions On Social Media If You Are An Estate Agent

When it comes to being a success on social media, there are a few over-riding aspects that you should always be thinking of. You want:

• People to notice you
• People to share your posts
• People to engage with you and respond to you
• People to be excited about what you have to offer
• To build a list or following of interested and relevant people

You may be thinking that this is a tall order for an estate agent, but no matter what industry you are working in, what gets people interested or excited? Winning a prize! Yes, no matter what your business is really offering, people want to win prizes and if you can offer something exciting or something that will benefit them, they will show an interest.

The great thing about competitions is that you can offer any sort of prize. You may not think that the latest tablet or smartphone is too relevant to the relationship between you and your customers but when you think about how many people want to win the latest iPad, it makes sense to make this the prize for people signing up for or entering your competition.

The prize doesn’t have to be about your business, product or services
A prize of this nature provides you with the chance to reach out to a lot of people that you wouldn’t normally engage with, allowing you to build a long term relationship. As long as you remember to use social media as a platform for socialising, and not always selling, it may be that the people who enter your competition today will be the customers you satisfy next year or in a few years when they next want to move.

You will also find that social media competitions are a great opportunity to team up with local firms. If you are an estate agent, there is scope for you to work with removal firms, conveyancers or even local store owners. When you run a joint competition, or a competition that provides a prize for a local firm (say £100 worth of removal services), you place yourself as a local expert, but you will also receive support from that business.

After all, if your business is promoting a removal firm, they are more than likely to promote the competition too, directing traffic to your site. It is likely that the other firms will have an audience that is right for you, but perhaps you haven’t connected with these people yet. This is why being able to run a competition that connects your business with a relevant local business can be a great success when it comes to reaching out to new people.

When it comes to developing your list of followers or raising awareness about what you have to offer, you will find that a competition is one of the smartest strategies you can use on social media. If you are an estate agent looking to develop your social media following, using a competition will give you a push in the right direction.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK