Importance Of Keeping Your Channels Fresh

Achieving success on social media is vital for estate agents, but it isn’t easy to do. It is not as though you are only competing against other estate agents, you are competing against every other post.

While many people spend a considerable amount of time on social media, there is so much to see and do. Unless you give people a great reason to stop scrolling when you pop up on their timeline, they aren’t going to bother.

Posting regularly enhances your chances of success

Your first step to social media success is to start posting on a regular basis. You cannot hope to connect with people on a single post a day, or less. You need to share worthwhile content at least a couple of times a day, and you need to engage your audience.

However, repetitive posts will turn people off

Not every post you make is seen by all your followers or fans. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with posting the same or similar content more than once. If you have created a great post, or you have an excellent link, it makes sense to enhance your chances of connecting with people.

However, if people start to see the same content time and time again, they will question whether you have enough to keep them interested.

Therefore, there is a need to keep your channel fresh, and the most effective way of achieving this is by creating a batch of content that you can post which keeps people informed and entertained.

Creating content for social media involves balance

There are many things to consider when creating content for social media, and sometimes, you need to hold contrasting factors in mind:

  • You must be consistent, so that people start to recognise your posts, and connect your content as coming from you
  • You need to have different types of post, so people don’t tune out when they see your posts

You need content that meets these two goals, but given that the outcomes are almost opposite occurrences, it is easy to see why many estate agents are left frustrated at the thought of creating content.

You need help.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we offer image creation services, aimed at helping estate agents deliver consistent on social media, while offering a varied look on local life, and the property market.

By using your logo and brand colours, you can create a consistent platform for all your posts. You should also develop a consistent tone in your message, and in who your audience is.

However, once you have that foundation in place, you have an opportunity to create varied content that ensures you remain fresh and relevant.

Some of the types of content we advise estate agents to share on social media include customer testimonials, your properties listed for sale, rental accommodation, requests for more property to take to market, hashtag days, monthly or weekly highlights, spotlight on local firms, and things you love about the local area.

Our bundles are priced in the following manner:

  • 10 images that can be used on Facebook / Instagram / Google My Business / LinkedIn costs £150 + VAT
  • 20 images that can be used on Facebook / Instagram / Google My Business / LinkedIn costs £250 + VAT

If you are an estate agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to harness the capabilities of social media. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to become the local estate agent people rely on, and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.