Importance Of Social Media And Content During Coronavirus

It is perfectly understandable estate agents are unsure of how to approach the market right now. Government guidance allows agents to operate, as long as they follow social distancing rules, and property deals are being concluded. However, for many people, moving home is the last thing on their mind.

This is not the time for an estate agent to run a promotional campaign and be aggressive with sales drives. However, agents know this situation will not last forever. Experienced agents have lived and worked through many peaks and troughs in the housing market. These agents know they need to be available to help support buyers and vendors who can move now, while also making sure they are a market leader for when the market improves.

What impression are you currently creating in the marketplace?

An agent who positions themselves as a trusted, helpful and experienced agent will reap the benefits when the market improves, and people are buying and selling in more significant numbers. The start of 2020 saw optimism return to the market, and while it is too soon to say when that will be replicated, it will come again.

The way for you to help clients now, and be the agent clients choose in the future, is to do what you do best and get help in promoting your service and brand. Your knowledge and expertise are the key factors you have in running your business, and pleasing clients.

Content is crucial in connecting with people and eventually meeting these challenges, so let us manage that aspect, while you focus on being the agent that satisfies the need of your market.

Some of the reasons you need to provide pertinent social media content right now include:

  • Informative social content which provides your audience with assurance, making you the agent they trust
  • Dependable local news and information ensuring your audience remain in touch with their community, leading to you being the trustworthy agent for your local area
  • Actionable advice and guidance that gives people confidence in what to do next, ensuring they see you as the agent they want to represent them
  • Relevant blog content that people want to share, driving traffic to your site, creating more chances to gather leads and develop relationships

If you aren’t active right now, and your rivals are, what message does this send to people who are actively reviewing and considering the property market? Don’t forget many people are at home with additional time on their hands. Some people will inevitably plan for the future, and some of your audience is currently gathering information to assist them in making their next move.

You must be in a position to assist these potential buyers.

Let Agent Media help you create and deliver essential content during these tough times – for free!

At Agent Media, we appreciate this is a challenging and frightening time for people. It is also the case for businesses, and we know many agents are unsure of what content to deliver.

Your audience wants to be informed, supported and reassured about now, and the future. As an agent with a stake in the local community, you are respected, but you are also expected to lead. We can deliver content which assures your audience you are there to support them, in whatever they need.

Please contact Agent Media today to receive our special offer. We are happy to provide you with a free 60-day Social Media trial and one free 500-word article. Yes, there is no charge for this social media trial and article. Our usual social media trial period is 30 days, but right now, people want consistency and assurance.

We believe our free social media trial, with a free 500-word article, will help you position yourself as a leading and trusted source in your area. Contact Agent Media to learn how we can assist you in these challenging times.

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