Importance of Social Media and Content for Estate & Letting Agents

Estate agents and letting agents are active in highly competitive markets. This means that these professionals should look to take every advantage they can to differentiate themselves from their peers to win clients. However, as the market is so competitive, many agents worry about spending time on matters that they don’t consider to be important or crucial to winning new clients.

Some agents may feel as though social media is not essential to their business, merely something that is nice to have. This isn’t the case. Social media and excellent quality content is essential for estate agents and letting agents and at Agent Media, we are here to help you see the importance of developing a reliable social media presence.

Social media helps people get to know what you offer
Your social media account is the ideal place to inform people of what you have to offer. It is unlikely that a potential customer will stumble on your website, so it can be difficult to promote your services and what you offer. With social media, and with quality content, you have a chance to detail what you provide, and you can reach outwards to find people who hold an interest in your services.

Your brand and reputation can be developed on social media
With so many agents operating in your local area, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons. A recognisable brand and good personality is the ideal way to differentiate your firm from other estate agents and your social media content is essential.

You need to provide value to your audience but if you can do so while offering fun or a touch of personality, it is likely that people will remember your firm rather than rival agents.

Proper use of social media allows you to connect with your audience
One of the most important aspects of social media is that it creates the opportunity to have a conversation. Traditional marketing saw firms speak directly at their customers but now, you can ask questions of your audience, they can contact you and most importantly, you have a chance to listen. For a genuine connection that leaves people wanting to do business with you, make sure you connect with your audience, listen to them and respond properly.

You can network on social media
Social media sites aren’t just about reaching out to an audience, you can find other businesses that you can network with. There may be times when you want to work alongside other agents but there are many other firms in your area that you can connect with. It is likely that these firms will have an audience that is relevant to you, so make sure you promote and engage with other firms who are based close to you or who are likely to share an audience with your firm.

Researching and creating content helps to keep you informed
If you are looking to offer fantastic content to your audience, you should carry out research. This research not only creates the platform for high-quality content, it ensures you stay in touch with the latest trends and news in your sector. This helps you to deliver a higher standard of service to your audience.

Social media should showcase your skills, knowledge and expertise
In the letting industry, being able to show that you are an expert with a great deal of knowledge of the industry is crucial. This is a competitive industry and showcasing your knowledge and expertise is a tremendous way to differentiate you from competitors.

Having a strong and active social media presence is essential for estate agents.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK