Importance Of Using Google My Business for Estate & Letting Agents

Estate and letting agents have more than enough activities to keep them occupied. Therefore, the thought of another critical feature is not a welcome one. However, property and letting industry professionals operate in a competitive market, and there is a continual need to promote and be found by eager clients.

Being found on Google is a fundamental aim of all businesses these days, and this is why there is significant importance of using Google My Business (GMB) for estate and letting agents.

What is Google My Business?
You should consider GMB to be a local business listing service. Firms of all shapes and sizes, from multi-national companies to small one-man-band operations can have a GMB listing, and every organisation has a chance of connecting with customers.
When people search for an estate or letting agent in your area, they will expect to receive a list of local firms. Google has evolved considerably in recent years. There is often a map detailing a range of firms in the local area, and when a firm is highlighted or returned, GMB offers additional information about the company.

This information can include contact details, images, opening hours and relevant information people want to know about a firm they may wish to use. The user can click through to the company website (if it is listed) or they may find the GMB listing provides all the information they need to decide whether to contact the firm or not.

What are the benefits of Google My Business?
One of the most essential benefits of GMB is that it is free. Yes, you need to devote time and effort to make the most of the service, but most businesses approve of free tools that help them promote themselves, reach customers and generate leads.

GMB helps you grow your brand
Once you have provided all the relevant details, information and images required for your GMB account, you have a platform for developing your brand. The information provided by GMB when people search is more informative and useful than a search listing. The data returned to searchers showcases your business, shares your logo and starts to develop an awareness of who you are, where you are, and what you offer.

You have a chance to connect with interested parties
GMB is of great benefit to companies because it helps them connect with people interested in what they do. If someone searches for an estate agent in your town, they want the services or support you offer. Therefore, if you can connect with these people, you have a strong chance of generating leads, making sales and progressing your business.

The emergence of the internet has helped firms from all industries connect with customers and clients effectively, and GMB is the latest way to save time and money in reaching the people you wish to work, and who want to work with you.

You can reinforce your local credentials
Many, if not most, estate and letting agents focus on a local area, and need to develop a reputation as a local specialist. GMB is ideal for any business which wants to develop a local presence and have the appearance of as a company which serves the local community.

When someone searches for “estate agent [name of your town or city]”, businesses appear, pinned to the local map. The search listing provides further information, such as your contact details and reviews.

Whether someone is searching from home or work, or they are out and about and looking for a local option, these returns are hugely beneficial in positioning the business as a local option.

Reviews provide social proof about your services
A critical reason why Google My Business matters is because it shares reviews from other users. People want evidence of a company’s suitability, and the most effective way to gain quick opinions on a company is to read reviews from other users.

GMB offers a star rating and more in-depth reviews, so it is easy for people searching for a solution to their problem to find a company that can help them out.

GMB provides analytics for businesses
A key benefit of GMB that is sometimes overlooked is the data and information provided by Google. It is possible to check how many people clicked through to your website from the listing, how many people called you from the listing, how many people checked for directions and all other manner of relevant information.

Analysing these figures helps you to create a more informed image of your audience, how they reach you, and how you can better engage with them. Some firms find analytics more straightforward to use than others, but if you know what you are doing, or you can enlist the support of someone who does, this information helps you better connect with your audience.

There are SEO benefits associated with GMB
Improved SEO isn’t one of the leading benefits of GMB, but it is a positive side-effect. Anything which sends signals to Google that you are a reliable firm or people review you positively or click through to you will enhance your SEO ratings.

How do these Google My Business benefits translate to estate and letting agents?
Estate agents and letting agents want the benefits associated with GMB. You want to be found by people searching for a company in your area; you want to provide contact details and reviews quickly. You want to ensure more people recognise your brand, and you need to be known as a local firm who has received positive reviews from your community.

GMB provides potential clients with the chance to learn about you and even contact you directly, without having to visit your social media account or website. You still need these platforms, as many people like to research their choice of agent thoroughly, but anything which reduces the number of steps or clicks a person takes before they reach you has to be a positive thing.

If you are keen to benefit from Google My Business but are unsure of how to get started, contact Agent Media, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Written By
Ian Watson
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