Importance of using Instagram and Facebook stories for an Estate and Letting Agent

If you are an estate or letting agent, you must have a social media presence. However, simply having a page and sharing listings isn’t enough to engage your audience. There is a number of ways you can share content on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and not all of them are equal.

It is well known that posts with photographs or videos engage more people than posts solely consisting of text. This makes sense, as people are more likely to react to a visual stimulus. However, it is also linked to the algorithms of these platforms, which reward the more visual content.

The algorithms are also said to favour live video content and stories. Therefore, if you want to be seen by as many people as possible, you need to add this style of content to your social media pages.

What are Facebook and Instagram Stories?

Stories are a way to share visual content on Facebook or Instagram. Stories are usually photographs or short videos, lasting up to 15 seconds. Stories are a convenient way to share content, and they are rapidly rising in popularity. Before too long, if you aren’t sharing stories, you will lag behind on social media.

What is unique about stories?

With stories, there is an urgency and exclusive nature to the content that isn’t the case with standard posts. Story content remains in place for 24 hours, and then disappears. Therefore, regular viewers are rewarded by seeing more content, which creates a deeper bond between your agency and the people who view your content regularly.

Stories also offer a lot of ways to make the content more visually appealing or interesting. It is possible to draw and write on your story content, adding more information or making posts more fun.

Stories have also been at the forefront of technology, utilising 360-degree technology, looping videos and Augmented Reality (AR) videos. Agents who want to be recognised as an innovative agency, using stories is a tremendous way to cultivate this image.

Why are stories great for estate and letting agents?

There is an argument that social media stories are great for all businesses, but there are some reasons why stories are especially great for estate and letting agents.

Stories thrive on visual content

Stories are perfect for striking visual content. As an agent, the properties you list and the areas you operate in provide you with an almost infinite array of opportunities to create photographs and video content.

Your audience wants to see images and video clips of homes and local areas, and stories are the perfect medium to deliver this content.

Stories help you deliver relevant information

The property market moves fast, and some agents don’t like the idea of creating and sharing content that will be out of date in a day or two. If this content lingers, and people read it when it is no longer relevant, they might form a negative impression of your agency.

With stories, because they disappear every 24 hours, this is less of a concern. You can share topical news and information that informs people of what the situation is right now. You don’t need to worry about this information being out of date in a week, because the content won’t be available in a week.

The exclusive nature of stories creates a stronger bond between agents and their audience

As stories are exclusive, there is something special about this information. The standard Facebook posts are for everyone, but the users who follow your stories feel closer and that they are getting more information.

You can use this feature to trail new properties and provide advance warning of listings. You might even decide to run offers or promotions solely to the people watching your stories. This incentivises your audience to watch more stories, and it can create a collection of loyal fans and followers.

Stories can stand you apart from rival agents

In a competitive market, you need to distance yourself from rival firms, in a good way. There is a lot to be said for offering a traditional service, but right now, people want agents who combine a traditional standard of service with innovation and contemporary products and services.

By sharing stories on Instagram and Facebook, you position yourself as an agent who is comfortable and confident with technology. When you share stories, you aren’t just creating content that shows homes and local areas, it indicates you are an agent who is in touch with technology and communication.

This sends out a positive signal. If the other agents in your local area aren’t creating and sharing content in this manner, it provides you with an opportunity to engage an audience that your rivals aren’t using. This can only be of benefit in a highly competitive market.

Why are stories so important for agents?

The key reasons why stories are so important for Facebook and Instagram letting and estate agent users include:

  • This is the content your audience wants to see
  • This is the content social media algorithms promote, so more people will see your stories
  • Stories help develop a stronger relationship with your audience
  • Agents who use stories position themselves as a progressive company
  • Stories are fantastic for developing your brand
  • Stories are quick to make and don’t require special equipment or outlay

All these reasons make stories a vital component of your social media activity. There are some drawbacks with stories with the nature of disappearing content causing problems as well as offering benefits. It can be easy to get dragged into a cycle of continuously creating stories content, and over time, this will offer diminishing returns.

However, if you can develop a schedule that allows you to create and share stories without taking up too much time, the positives outweigh the negatives.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have assisted many agents create stories and position their agency to utilise this content. If you are keen to learn more about how stories help your agency engage your audience, contact Agent Media today.

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