Is Instagram Suitable for Estate Agents?

When it comes to deciding if a social media platform, like Instagram, is suitable for your business, it is likely that the answer will always be yes. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use this platform. There are many things to consider when determining what social media platforms are best for your business. The success or failure you achieve with Instagram, or any social media account, depends on many things but you need to engage with your audience, provide a good standard of content and be seen as an authority or smart choice in your field.

If you aren’t able to devote the time, or you decide against handing the account over to professionals who will do it justice, you probably won’t achieve much with Instagram. However, if you were to use Instagram in the correct manner, you will find that it is highly suitable for estate agents.

If you are not too familiar with Instagram, it is a photo-sharing platform, and the use of hashtags is encouraged, allowing you to connect with relevant people while expanding your reach.

Images and video content sell property
As an estate agent, you know that while you can write fantastic content about a property, it is images and video content that grabs attention. Given that Instagram is a photo sharing app, it stands to reason that this is a platform that can help estate agents promote their property in an effective manner.

You can focus on the local area
Instagram is a platform that makes great use of hashtags, which means you have a strong chance of reaching out to people who have an interest in what you offer. Using localised hashtags puts you directly in front of your audience, saving you time while ensuring your marketing efforts are more effective.

You should also look to share images and video content of local features, shops and entertainment options. When you sell a property, you are often selling the local area too and Instagram provides you with the chance to show off the best features of the local area. All you need to do is head around the local area with your smartphone for a couple of hours and you can create a bank of localised content that will help to convince or persuade people that a home in a certain area is right for them.

Position yourself with the right brand
Most social media platforms are important in helping you develop your brand and Instagram is a good way for estate agents to create the right impression with their clients. Sharing good quality images not only helps you sell property, it helps to position yourself as a dependable and reliable estate agent.

Aside from sharing content about property, you have the chance to show your own business premises and your employees. A quick video interview with a team member can go a long way to providing insight into your company and making people feel as though you are a reliable and dependable company with a friendly service.

Infographics allow you to share important and relevant information
While images are important in selling homes, you still need to provide relevant information to people. Thankfully, Instagram is a platform ideally suited to the use of infographics. Whether you are discussing property prices in an area, the expected rental yields of property, local crime statistics or any other information that people want to know about when looking for a new home, sharing the content with images will make the process a more engaging one.

Infographics are also highly effective in developing your brand, making sure you are seen as a reliable authority in your area. When you want to make a quick but lasting impact, infographics are ideal and Instagram is ideal for infographics.

Consider the benefits of Instagram Direct
With Instagram Direct, you can share content with an individual user or a group of people. This means you should consider segmenting your audience and then provide them with content or information that is tailored to their exact needs.
If you have a group of customers who are looking for a home in a specific area of street, group them together and make sure they receive information that meets their needs. If you have groups of people looking specifically for a property with x amount of bedrooms, group these clients together and provide them with information relating to properties that hold x amount of bedrooms.

Some quick tips to remember for using Instagram in the most effective manner include:

• Use your own images and video content, try and avoid stock content as much as you can
• Share testimonials from previous clients if you can
• Plan your posts, create scripts and know what message you want to get across
• On occasions, showcase your personal side and/or the personalities or hobbies of your team
• While it is important to use hashtags, only use a handful of relevant and localised hashtags
• Make sure you review and consider all comments or remarks made on your page but don’t feel as though you have to respond to every engagement

You’ll find that when used correctly, Instagram is a fantastic option for estate agents. If you need assistance or guidance in how to use Instagram for your business, rely on Agent Media for support.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK