Is It Obvious You Are A Local Company?

If you are an estate agent, it is likely that you have a localised focus. Even if you work for a national company or part of a chain, it is likely your individual work (as a person or a branch) will be focused on a particular part of the country.

For some people and companies, this may be a town or village, for others, it may be part of a large city or town. It may even be a town or city itself, or a range of areas. The size of the area you cover or the number of people you cover in this area isn’t the aspect to focus on right now, just focus on the localised area you provide services to.

Is it obvious you provide services in this local area?

It is important to define the market you serve and the people you want to reach. This is important for two obvious reasons:

1. You want to make sure people in your area who could benefit from your services know you operate
2. You want to make sure people looking to make a move outside of your area know you cannot help them

It is not as though you want to turn potential customers away but if you can’t ultimately help these people, you will only waste your time and theirs if you engage them. Therefore, making it obvious that you operate in a certain area will go a long way to making for more productive engagement with your audience.

Get the basics right
When it comes to showing you are a local company, you need to get the basics right. Ensure that every platform you have lists your location and where you cover. Don’t forget the importance of Google My Business and directory listings either. You want to ensure that your address is properly listed on all these platforms and if you have the opportunity to state the area you cover, you should do so.

Offer localised content on social media
The best way to reinforce your local credentials is to ensure you have a local focus in your social media posts. There are many great topics to consider when posting on social media. If you want to focus on the services you offer, you can talk about local house prices, expected rental yield for the postcodes you cover and even rental fees in your area.

Of course, you should be sociable on social media. Therefore, create posts that focus on the local area, that talk about the local history and which recommends or reviews local stores. There is so much you can do on social media to ensure people know where you are based and who you serve.

You will find that localised content is more readily shared on social media, which is of further benefit to you.

At Agent Media, we know that great social media content can put you in touch with the world, but it is also highly effective in connecting with your local audience. If you want to ensure people know where you come from and which community you serve, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK