Is LinkedIn Suitable For Estate Agents To Attract New Clients?

Every estate agent should be looking to attract new clients. If you feel you have exhausted the main avenues available to you for finding new clients, have you considered LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for making business connections, but it can also be used to engineer leads, make connections and position yourself as an estate agent people want to work with.

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to develop your knowledge about your industry
If you want to attract new clients, you want to be informed and, in a position, to advise your clients. Many agents find it difficult to find the time to research the latest developments or stay in touch with relevant regulations. LinkedIn makes this process much simpler. If you connect with leaders and prominent people in the property industry, it is likely that they will share content and news that is relevant to the work you carry out.

As a way of staying relevant for your audience, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool, and can be used to assist you in attracting new clients.

LinkedIn helps you to stay in touch with what offer firms offer
It is important to stay up to date with what your rivals do and offer to your clients. LinkedIn, via posts from competitors and job posts, is a reliable source of the most relevant skills and services on offer in the property market. To attract new clients, you need to offer what people are looking for, and you cannot let your rivals gain an advantage on you in this. Reviewing LinkedIn to see what rival firms are doing will ensure that you never lag when it comes to services.

LinkedIn helps you to showcase your brand and credibility
In a competitive marketplace, there may not be much between you and your rivals. If this is the case, you need to provide your audience with a reason to choose you as opposed to another estate agent. Your brand has a strong part to play in ensuring that people choose your company over another with the content you share and how you engage with others often being the telling factor for many potential clients.

Do you have a buyer demographic?
As an agent, you should know your audience and it may be that you have a buyer demographic. Targeting likely customers is a sensible approach for all businesses and estate agents can reach out to people who are more likely to use their socials. If certain roles or positions fall in your buyer demographic, targeting these people or connecting with them will enhance your chances of developing your audience.

Searching for people on a local level is a good starting point but your content and connections can focus on specific types of people or people in certain roles, and this can help you win new clients.

Other quick ways you can use LinkedIn to attract new clients and present yourself in a more effective manner include:
• Join groups
• Post content
• Ask existing clients for LinkedIn recommendations

It is easy to see why many estate agents would overlook LinkedIn as a platform for developing their business, but this would be a mistake. This is a platform that allows you to develop your brand, make connections and position yourself as a trusted specialist. If you want to attract new clients, contact Agent Media and learn how we can help you to harness the capabilities of LinkedIn.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK