Know How To Measure Success On Social Media

While most estate agents know that having a social media presence is important for them, not every estate agent knows why. You should be carrying out social media activities to gain certain results or outcomes and therefore, knowing how to measure success on social media is vital.

Know what your goals are
If you want to be a success on social media or you want to be able to define what success is on social media, it is important to note what your goals are. Your estate agent may have different goals and ambitions in relation to other estate agents, so you should always start with your own ambitions.

You may be looking to grow more followers, or you may want more engagement or comments on your posts. You may be focused on shares of your content or you may be interested in the clickthrough to your website. Ultimately, your focus may be on clients signing up for you or the volume of sales, but these can be harder to define, especially when non-social media activities can impact on these outcomes.
However, having goals in place for your social media activity is the starting point for determining if you are a success or not.

What metrics should you use?
There are different metrics you can focus on and the right metric will depend on what you want to achieve and what you are looking to review.

If your goals are focused on improving awareness of your company, you need to use metrics tailored towards awareness, so you may want to consider matters like volume of engagement, reach of your post, exposure your post received and the level of amplification your post received.

If you are looking to improvement engagement then issues like shared content, retweets, comments, replies and number of likes will all be relevant. Not all these actions offer the same benefit, with shared content being of greater value and benefit to a firm than a like but based on what you are looking to achieve, you can consider your actions in an appropriate manner.

Many estate agents are looking to drive traffic to their website and this means you should consider clicks, conversions and URL shares. You can then consider what people do when they land on your site from social media.

What do you do with the numbers once you have them?
The measuring process is a simple one in theory, after all it is only looking at how numbers have changed. However, while some outcomes are easy to see, with the number of likes or shares being displayed on screen for everyone to see, other aspects may require analytical tools to evaluate and monitor the outcome.

There is a broad range of analytical tools to choose from, some are free while others must be bought or subscribed to. If you are confident in using these tools, you can undertake the analysis yourself but if you are busy and/or unsure of your actions, there are professionals who will assist you understand these developments. At Agent Media, we offer a range of reports that help you to determine how well you are doing in certain areas.

Whether you come to us for assistance and reports or you monitor and report yourself, it is important that you evaluate outcomes and create actions to do next. If you are achieving success, you should continue to do what you are doing. If you are not achieving the results you want, hopefully the reports offer you insight into what you can do to improve your standings.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK