What A Landlord Expects From A Letting Agent Using Social Media

If you are a letting agent using social media, it is likely that many landlords will follow your account. In order to provide them with the best service, you should think about what a landlord expects from a letting agent using social media.

Here are some things that a landlord wants to see on your social media.

Relevant and useful information
If a landlord is following a letting agent on social media, they are obviously looking for relevant and useful information that will make their own life or working practice easier. This may be news about the property market, changes to legislation or just tips and guidance on how to present a home in a better manner.

Quick and informative responses to any questions or comments
Many people consider social media as a communication tool and it is likely that many landlords will aim questions to letting agents on social media. This means letting agents need to be active on social media, scanning for questions and even looking out for general conversations where they can provide guidance or solutions.

One of the most important aspects of social media is engagement and your audience will expect you to listen and answer, so make sure that you schedule time to keep up to date with your social media engagement. Comments or questions can provide invaluable feedback that can help you develop your business so ask questions and encourage engagement from your audience.

Content that ties in with the brand
Your company should have a brand and image that landlords identify with, and your audience will expect your social media posts to remain true to this brand and image. No matter what image or identity you have, make sure your posts and content fit in with what you project to the world.

Content that relates to the property and local community
While it can be good to have some fun with posts, on the whole, your posts should relate to the property market, the letting industry and the local area. If a landlord is following you, it is likely that they want content on these topics from you, so make sure you are mainly relevant in what you offer.

Information and opinions from industry experts and professionals
Landlords will expect you to be a news hub for them, providing them with content from industry experts and professionals. This is good for your reputation because it will mark you out as an expert but it will also save your followers a lot of time while providing them with important information.

Content aimed at the local market
Letting agents will be looking for content that is aimed at the local market, and this doesn’t just mean the local letting or property market, it means your entire local community. You should be looking to engage your local community and acting as a hub for news, causes and vital information. Providing this information to landlords, especially landlords who are based outside of the area they own a property in, will be extremely useful and of considerable benefit.

Your content should be professional, engaging, showcasing your role in the industry and local community and you should look to converse as often as possible. If you can meet these points, you’ll find that most landlords will be happy with what a letting agent offers on social media.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK