Letting Agents Can Achieve Twitter Success: Here Is How

The letting industry is highly competitive with a number of letting agents battling for attention. This is why it is important to use every platform that can help you achieve success and Twitter is a very popular platform for engaging an audience and reaching out to people. Of course, Twitter is very busy and noisy as well, which means that many letting agents will question if success can be achieved on this platform.

It is possible for letting agents to achieve twitter success and here is how to win on Twitter.

This should be self-evident but the quality of your content is vital to achieving success on Twitter. Good content should:

• Have a point and aim to it
• Offer something of value to your audience
• Represent your business and your identity
• Create curiosity

There are many different ways to provide this content but images and video content are of increasing importance on social media so look to offer images of your property and infographics when you have something to say.

With respect to the importance of images, some studies have suggested that on Twitter, posts with an image are 94% more likely to be shared than a standard tweet with just text. While there will be plenty of people willing to debate that figure, there is no getting away from the importance of images in instantly drawing a reaction from people and in looking for people to share content with others. If you want to impact on your audience and reach out to new people, make sure you use images.

You need to engage your audience
While you should look to provide relevant information, you can’t just continually talk at your followers; you should talk with your audience. This means that you should ask questions, you should be prepared to answer questions and you should be on hand to enter relevant discussions.

Ease off on the promotional aspect
The occasional promotional post is acceptable but on the whole, social media activity is for developing relationships, showcasing your expertise and helping other people.

Be part of your community or industry
Following on from the guidance about minimising promotional posts, look to be part of your local community. Support local businesses, talk about local causes and events and make sure that you are recognised as a business that takes pride in the local area and economy. In the long run, being seen as a viable local business will be of greater benefit than promotional posts.

Think about your profile
Your profile is a constant page that is always present for people, so make sure that it contains the essential information about your business.

A good business profile will include:

• A good profile picture
• An attractive and relevant Twitter background
• A bio that sums up your services
• A link to your main website
• Information about where you can be found and how people can contact you

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK