How A Lettings Agent Should Use Social Media


Every business can benefit from utilising social media but some firms may wonder how it is relevant to their business. A lettings agent may not think that too many people are looking for a property on Facebook or Twitter, but you would be surprised at how quickly the right post on these social media platforms can find the right people. These are crucial steps for lettings agents in using social media.

Do the basics

If you are a letting agent, you will have properties to let out and social media provides you with the idea platform to do so. Whether you have a property going on the market or you are having an open day with a number of properties being made available for viewings, reaching out to an audience on social media is the best way to do so.

Given the limited characters of Twitter and the fast moving pace of Facebook, you should look to utilise images and video content. This style of content says a lot more than lengthy text, and with images, you can show off your property while adding more text to offer even more information to clients.

When it comes to the basics of promoting property, social media is the ideal platform.

However, the real bonus of using social media as a letting agent comes with being able to position yourself as an expert in properties, as an expert in a local area, as a supporter of the local community and as a firm that can be relied upon and seems like fun to do business with.

These are all important aspects when it comes to developing an identity for your business and they are all aspects that can be developed through the use of social media.

Show a more personal side

Rather than hiding behind a corporate identity, utilise a more personal approach to your social media side. Nominating a number of staff members as your social media representatives will provide a more personal touch to your approach with clients, which is always a good way to showcase your firm in the best possible light.
While it is important that your social media users engage in an appropriate and professional manner with followers, doing so will create a positive level of feeling towards your firm.

Don’t just promote your properties

Social media is the place where many people to relax and hangout, so they don’t want to be bombarded with promotional activity all the time. If someone is following your account, they will understand that there will be some promotional posts, but you should look to provide local information, news about the industry and other topics of conversation that will see people engaging with your firm.

Every business expert will have their own idea of the ideal ratio between promotional tweets and engaging tweets, but it is important to have more social media posts based around engagement than just promotion.

If there are local events of interest, comment on them or provide links. If there is news about the lettings market in the local area or country that is relevant, provide links and offer an opinion or information on how it can impact on users.

Positioning yourself as an expert and as a good source of news for relevant industry information will a firm to develop their reputation in a positive and worthwhile manner.

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