How LinkedIn Advertising Can Help Gain More Rental Properties For Your Letting Agency

Letting agencies looking to promote their services and gain more rental properties have been turning to social media in recent times. There is a growing awareness of the benefits provided by social media advertising and LinkedIn Advertising can be highly effective in gaining more rental properties for your letting agency.

You can showcase your expertise
With so many letting agents competing in the market place, you need to get in front of people and you need to make a positive impression on them. LinkedIn Advertising is an effective way to do this. There are many different types of advertising formats to choose from, and this allows you the chance to showcase the expertise of your company or to introduce yourself.

If you need to make a positive first impression, LinkedIn Advertising provides you with a strong opportunity to do so.

You can target the professionals you want to reach
One of the strongest factors in all social media advertising, including LinkedIn advertising, is the ability to target the people you want to reach out. This may mean targeting people based in a certain area or of a certain age. However, given that LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals, there is also the opportunity to reach out to people by job title or position. If your letting agency is currently seeking out landlords or property investors to expand their property portfolio, the targeting services provided by LinkedIn Advertising will allow you to reach these people with a minimum of fuss and effort.

You can benefit from both sides of the letting market
The property market and the rental market, like all markets, have two sides to their operation. You have buyers and sellers looking to reach agreement and you have landlords and tenants, who both need each other to be able to exist or operate.

With LinkedIn Advertising, you’ll find it possible to reach out to all parties involved in the rental market. If you are looking for properties to rent out, you can target landlords who already have property but who may need assistance in finding a tenant or undertaking the activities associated with letting property. There is also the fact that you can promote your services to the general market, offering to help tenants and potential tenants find the property that is right for them.

Having a working relationship with one side of the market also acts as a signal to the other side of the market, which means you’ll be in the best place to meet everyone’s needs. If you’re a landlord, you want to find a letting agency that has access to a list of suitable tenants. If you’re a tenant, you want to find a letting agency that has access to a list of suitable properties. Your position on LinkedIn, and your connections on the site, will work alongside your advertising activities to show that you are the letting agency to rely on.

You can direct LinkedIn Adverts to wherever you want
Being able to reach the right people with LinkedIn Adverts is a positive factor for most letting agents but there is also the fact that good quality adverts will direct your audience to where you want them to be. Adverts are not just about informing people or developing your reputation, you can link to a landing page on your site that moves people closer towards you and hopefully convinces them to take action.

While connecting with people on LinkedIn is important, moving them towards a mailing list or having them sign up for the latest Landlord tips or latest properties is a vital step towards developing a close relationship and hopefully making the sale or agreement that you want to make.

There is also the fact that LinkedIn Advertising is very affordable with a low minimum daily budget and you can remain in full control of your budget at all times. This is an issue that many professionals are worried about with respect to social media advertising but you should find that LinkedIn Advertising is a simple process that can provide you with a good return on your investment.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK