Local Social Media Is Your Priority In 2020

As an estate agent, you don’t need to be told about the importance of having local knowledge and reputation. Even if you are part of a national chain or you cover various areas, you need to know and understand each local area. If you want to win instructions, you need to showcase your local knowledge and expertise.

What better way for you to do this than by being active on social media. Social media platforms allow you to engage with the whole world, but it has a significant impact on local people. Therefore, local social media should be a priority for estate agents in 2020.

Facebook recommendations are a perfect example of why local is essential for agents
If you use Facebook, you will likely have noticed an increase in the Recommendations feature. When users ask for recommendations about a local service or look for guidance on local firms, Facebook’s algorithms come to the fore, and you have an increased chance of connecting with new clients.

When someone makes a recommendation to the initial user, Facebook will provide further details about the recommended firm. If you don’t have a Facebook page, or it isn’t up to date, you won’t feature. However, if you have an active Facebook page, your page is tagged after a recommendation, which enhances the likelihood of the user connecting with you.

You can then join in the conversation, offering guidance or making a pitch towards the person who made the initial request.

Targeting local people makes advertising more affordable
One of the reasons social media is so useful these days is targeting. Knowing your activities reach people most likely to use your service is comforting, but it is also far more cost-effective. The location options when it comes to creating Facebook ads ensure you only reach people who are relevant to your business, which helps you improve your return on investment.

However, by developing your local brand and sharing localised content, you can enhance your chances of becoming a trusted local option. The best form of social media ads builds on the content you have in place.

Doing a one-off ad and hoping people see enough to buy from you is an unnecessary gamble. If people are looking for the services of an estate agent, they are content to research the matter, and they want to learn more about what the agent offers.

Therefore, combining targeted local ads with social media content which reaches out to local people enhances your chances of connecting with your audience.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents create local content and ad campaigns that ensure they enjoy positive results from their social ad activities.

Local content stops people scrolling
One of the biggest challenges’ estate agents face in 2020 is getting people to stop scrolling, and getting them to show interest in what you offer. You know images, and video content is more effective than the written word. However, localised pictures and video content works more effectively than standard or stock images.

When people see a place they know or recognise, they will stop. There is an immediate connection with this form of content, and it enhances your chances of engaging your audience. Whatever material you share, if there is scope for adding a local edge, you should consider doing so.

At Agent Media, we understand the importance of local social media content. As an estate agent, you have a local audience, and you should focus your energy on making localised content a priority for 2020. If you need assistance in doing so, contact Agent Media today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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