How A Mortgage Advisor Should Use Social Media


When it comes to using social media, there is barely an industry or professional that cannot benefit from using this new platform. Social media is the best way to utilise the developing technology and engaging with the way that people use their life.

A mortgage advisor may be thinking that the traditional ways they engage with clients wasn’t suited to social media but there is a need to accept that the industry has changed. There are a number of great benefits for a mortgage adviser using social media and all of the general benefits associated with any business using social media area very much relevant for a mortgage advisor.

This means that benefits such as:
• It allows you to create a brand image
• Social media is free to use
• It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Targeted promotion can be a great success

These are all great reasons for a mortgage advisor to use social media but when it comes to how a mortgage advisor should use social media to gain an advantage, the following tips will be of benefit.

Follow relevant financial institutions
When it comes to being relevant on social media, you need to be up to date. You have a chance to receive the latest news and information from relevant financial institutions by using social media, so it makes sense to do so.

Even if you are against the idea of using social media to engage with clients (which is wrong but some people are insistent on sticking to traditional values and working practises), you will find that utilising social media to obtain up to date information from authorities and financial institutions will be of great benefit.

Engage in real time with requests
One of the most important things for a mortgage advisor when using social media is having the ability to respond and react in real time. This can save time while providing the highest level of service to your clients. When it comes to ensuring that you are seen as a professional firm that puts their clients first, responding quickly on social media will be a great step.
Link, share and retweet relevant and interesting posts

You want people to view you as an expert in the mortgage market, and you can do so by provide links and content from other experts. Being seen as a reliable portal for important news and information will boost your image and ensure that people want to hear more from you.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to trawl through a great range of posts and accounts for the most relevant news, but if you act as a relevant news hub, you will be well regarded.

Link to your site and blog

You should look to link towards your blog or site on a regular basis. Ensuring that people are aware of the services that your provide will help to keep business coming in and linking from social media can impact on how search engines view your site, so make sure you send links back to your site on a regular basis.

A mortgage advisor using social media will find that there are many similarities and benefits that professionals from other industries and walks of life have. However, there is a need for you to think about the sort of information and guidance that people are looking from you in your role.

Tailoring your output and behaviour with this goal will ensure you utilise social media to the best of its ability.

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Written By

Ian Watson


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