Need Social Media Success? Be Fresh and Original

A successful social media strategy can help an estate agent differentiate themselves from their peers but with so many firms competing, is it possible to be considered as unique on social media? Yes, if you offer fresh and original content, you will find that you can be regarded as a leading option in your area and Agent Media is here to assist you in this manner.

Your audience is looking for fresh content
One of the key aspects of social media is its immediacy. There is a chance for you to engage people straight away and this allows you to create fresh content. You may not think trending topics have much importance to you but if you can engage your audience at times of breaking news or developments, they will regard you as the expert or specialist in your field.

The property market can change at a rapid pace with changes or developments making recent content seem out of date very quickly. This means you should update your followers as quickly as you can about changes in the local area.

An obvious example of this comes with the lifetime of listing a property for sale or rent. Many users will scan your content regularly, perhaps even setting up notifications where the platform allows, to see when you have new properties available. If you list available properties on social media, people will follow you, which is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your page and site.

Similarly, if changes are made to property prices or if the property is being sold or taken off the market, people want to know as soon as possible. With social media, you have a chance to update your audience at short notice and doing so helps people not to waste their time. If you list properties then don’t remove the listings or update the information when circumstances change, people will start to be wary of your posts, not sure if they are up to date or relevant.

Your audience is looking for original content
Another crucial factor to consider on social media is that people are looking for original content. If you take all your content from somewhere else, you can enjoy some success by being viewed as a curator of content but ultimately, anyone with a genuine interest in the topic will look to the source for information and news.

However, if you take a trending or important topic and place your spin on it, you take someone’s content and make it original. By sharing your opinion on leading topics, you will be regarded as a specialist in your sector who understands the key issues and the impact that these mattes have on people. In a competitive market place, this is a fantastic reputation to develop, so take the time to share your opinions on these matters.

There is also the fact that in the present day, online property portals have a large part to play in the property market. Therefore, you need to persuade people that you also have a part to play in the buying and selling (or letting) process. It is likely that there will be other estate agents in the local area people can choose from, and you need to differentiate yourself from these firms.

You can differentiate yourself through cost, standard of service, location and other matters but you can also stand apart from your peers by delivering original and interesting content. People want to deal with people, not corporate firms, so make sure you offer content that not only offers value to your audience, it should also showcase your firm’s personality and nature.

When it comes to delivering fresh and original content on social media, Agent Media is here to assist you, so get in touch and get ready to connect with your audience.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK