New Image Creation Service

When it comes to social media, you need to be striking to get people to stop scrolling, and pay attention. With many users lifelessly thumbing through their timeline, your content might be overlooked, hampering your chances of connecting with prospective clients.

All estate and letting agents should know the importance of fantastic images and visual content. The property sector thrives on images that grab attention, and get people talking.

Of course, knowing the importance of visual content is one thing, doing something about it is an entirely different matter.

If you don’t have great design skills, creating images can be a timely issue, and even then, you might not be able to develop professional designs. Even if you are skilled in design, the time and cost of the leading design software packages might be prohibitive.

We have a solution for the social media blues

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have assisted many estate and letting agents in connecting with clients. Our blog content, social media posts, guides and videos have helped agents like you create awareness about what you do.

A key component of this content is the bespoke nature of what we produce. Your clients have options when it comes to choosing an agent, so you need to stand out from the crowd. By offering bespoke content that is tailored around your services, skills and your customers’ needs, you create a connection that ensures you form relationships.

We are now in a position to offer bespoke image creation services, and we look forward to ensuring your social media profiles stand out for all the right reasons.

Pricing for the image creation service

We know every company is looking for value for money, and we also know you need to be consistent when it comes to visual content. This is why we believe offering image creation bundles is the best solution for your needs.

By buying images in bundles of 10 or 20, you create enough content to develop a campaign, and you have content that feels familiar. You want people to see online content and connect it with your business. Consistent branding and themes ensure your name is the one people remember, and our image creation bundles deliver this.

Our bundles are priced in the following manner:

· 10 images that can be used on Facebook / Instagram / Google My Business / LinkedIn costs £150 + VAT
· 20 images that can be used on Facebook / Instagram / Google My Business / LinkedIn costs £250 + VAT


What type of images?

There is no limit to the content you can create, but it is best to create content that connects your audience with your business. There are some visual posts which perform very well for estate and letting agents, and we will deliver these for you.

Examples of the images you can choose from include the following:

· Reviews
· Properties for sale
· Properties for let
· SSTC more required
· Let Agreed more required
· #ThrowbackThursday
· #MondayMotivation
· #TestimonialTuesday
· Property of the week
· Local business of the week
· Spotlight on area/ attraction

However, if you have an idea for an image that isn’t listed above, we are more than happy to bring your creation to life. The list details highly effective ways for businesses like yours to engage your audience, but you know the people you are trying to reach. If there is visual content which you believe will connect you with prospective clients and customers, contact us, and we’ll bring it to life.

Contact Agent Media today, and we will ensure you have the visual content which develops your brand and drives traffic to your site or office.