New Year – Fresh Housing Market Blog Content Is Vital

It is inevitable that the start of a New Year leaves people looking to make a fresh start, and this is as true for businesses as it is for people and families. As an estate agent, you have an opportunity for business through the number of households who are looking to move in the New Year.

If you are aware of the Boxing Day Bounce phenomenon, where online property portals welcome a considerable number of property viewers in the period between Christmas and the day when people return to work, you know this is a time when people are looking to move home.

Some of the reasons people look for property at this time include:

  • Realising that their current home is too small after a challenging or stressful Christmas period
  • This is a time of year when people have more downtime, so they have an opportunity to plan and research a next move
  • This is a time of year when people spend a lot of time indoors, and they will likely realise they need more space
  • Many people are motivated to lead a better life in the New Year, and this might include change
  • A lot of people are looking ahead to changes in the new financial year, which means the actual New Year is a great time to start planning

For all these reasons, and so many more, people are active in the housing market at the start of the New Year, and you need to offer fresh content to ensure you connect with these prospective clients.

Why is fresh content useful for estate agents?

There are many reasons why fresh content is useful for estate agents, including:

By updating your website, you indicate to Google your page is active and relevant, which helps with search engine rankings

By providing fresh and relevant website content, Google understands you are active, and again, this should help you achieve better search engine rankings

Up to date and relevant content is ideal for social media platforms, which means you have content on these platforms which you can link to your website

If you have a newsletter or email list, you have up to date content that you can share with your audience

Given you have researched data for this content, you will be better informed when speaking with clients

Anyone who is making a move in the housing market needs to make an informed decision, and by giving people what they need, they will see you as a reliable choice in the housing market

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should offer fresh content, and thankfully, there are many things you can talk about when it comes to the property market.

What can you talk about in your blog that is up to date?

At Agent Media, we specialise in helping estate agents create and develop blogs that are relevant and newsworthy. You might be surprised at the variety of topics you can cover.

The latest house prices for the New Year

Not a lot changes between 31st December and 1st January, but the fact it is a whole new year is exciting, but it also matters for people searching for information, and for the search engines.

If you provide people with the latest property asking prices, and information relating to homes on the market for 2022, you will steal a march on the companies who are still sharing 2021 information.

It might sound like a small issue, but when you consider the importance of up-to-date information, it means a lot.

The same approach can be taken to property yields, to homes listed for sale, for property enquiries and anything else which can be described in a number. Staying up to date is crucial for estate agents, and if you remain up to the minute with respect to your content, you will go a long way in impressing prospective clients.

What changes are set to happen in the New Year?

At this time of year, a lot of people look ahead, and are keen to develop their plans for the rest of the year. If you can create a timeline of likely changes or new elements being introduced which will impact people in the property market, this will be of great interest.

You can create an overview blog post of all the changes that are known about, and you can go into greater detail on individual topics in separate blog posts.

For 2022, things to consider might be the possibility of interest rates rising, of more mortgage products coming onto the market, of changes to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), and much more.

While homeowners, buyers and vendors want to make informed decisions in the market, they often lack the time to research, or don’t know where to find the best information. If you provide this news and information directly, you will be seen as an agent people trust, and this increases your chances of gaining instructions at a later date.

Contact Agent Media to deliver blog content that matters in 2022

At Agent Media, we understand the power and potential of blogs in connecting with an audience. If you want to be the leading estate agent in your area for 2022, you need to be proactive and provide people with reasons to choose you.

By delivering content that is about the New Year, and which assists people in making smart choices with their next move, you become the trusted professional in your local area. Blog content is the best way to do this because it works on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where the reader is.

If you want blog content that ensures you connect with clients in 2022 and beyond, contact Agent Media today, and we will be more than happy to help you create a blogging plan for success.