One Blog Post Can Be Shared All Week with Repurposing Techniques

Blog content is a perfect way to promote our business and reach a new audience, but every estate agent wants to reach more people with each blog they post. Sharing your blog on social media is a great starting point, but did you ever wish you could do more when it comes to promoting a single blog?

On the day your blog post is published, your social media posts should focus on linking to and promoting the blog. The more traffic you can send to your blog on its first day, the better, as this sends out the right signal to Google and it will help to drive more traffic to the blog post in the following days.

However, after you have posted to the blog post, you may not want to continually post the same link. A lot of companies have concerns about flooding their social media timeline, worrying about bring people with the same content.

Get as many eyeballs on your content as you can
Then again, if you have spent time and/or money on your blog post, you want as many people to see it as possible. There are many reasons to share a blog post, including improving your reputation and marking yourself out as an expert, however, when you post a blog, you hope it drives sufficient traffic to your site and this means you need to send people to the post.

So, you don’t want to just post the same link on your social media timeline, but you want to ensure that as many people see your blog post as possible. Repurposing your content is the ideal way to share links and give people something new to think about without having to create a lot of additional content each day.

You can repurpose your content in many ways over the working week
If you are looking for ways to share content over a five-day working week, the following schedule would be suitable:

• Monday – Post the standard link to the blog after it has been published
• Tuesday – Create a short video clip, less than a minute long, around one topic from the blog post, and then share it on social media alongside a link to the blog
• Wednesday – Create an infographic about some of the key points or of the questions you answer, and then share this on social media alongside a link to the blog
• Thursday – Audio posts are hot right now so record a quick message asking if people have seen your blog, talk about one section of it and then share the link so people can see the full blog
• Friday – If this is the last day of the working week, you want to have some fun so create an image or use a suitable meme which relates to your blog post but will also be slightly light0hearted, and then share a link to the blog post

Without that much additional work, you have a fresh way to share your blog content via social media. Sharing your content in diverse ways, using video, audio and images, makes sense because not everyone responds to the same sort of content. Your video content will appeal to your audience who love to watch clips on their smartphone while images or memes will appeal to busy people who tend to scroll through timelines.

All these methods provide a different way to stop people in their tracks, and you’ll hopefully find that this draws a lot more people to your blog post. If that happens, and people enjoy it, you’ll then hopefully find that people want to share your blog content too and your range of social media posts about your blog provides plenty of chances for you to do so.

Thanks for reading
Ian Watson
Agent Media