What Online Savvy Vendors Expect From an Estate Agent When Selling Their Home

What Online Savvy Vendors Expect From An Estate Agent When Selling Their Home

In the modern era, it would be fair to say that many customers can be savvier or clued up on technology than many firms. This is something that businesses and industries have to be aware of because if savvy customers don’t feel as though an estate agent is capable of meeting their needs, they will happily find another agent that can provide them with the standard of service that they feel they are owed.

There are many benefits of being online for an estate agent and it may actually be that it is the demand of vendors that drives the online movement for the industry. If enough customers and vendors start demanding that estate agents do more and more online work and build a better web presence, you can expect to see the industry evolving in an effective manner.

While different people have different ideas and opinions, there are some aspects that an online savvy vendor would expect from an estate agent that is engaged in selling their home, with some of the key aspects being:

• Having a business website
• The property being placed on various online property sites
• The estate agent to have a strong social media presence
• The estate agent to have an online brand and identity
• The estate agent to engage and interact in their local community

These are just the headline points that a savvy vendor would expect, and they would expect the estate agent to excel in all of these areas. Having a website wouldn’t be enough, it should be a professionally maintained site that is updated regularly and which provides fresh content. This will increase the number of visitors that are likely to visit the site (increasing potential views on the property) and will create the right impression.

An online presence builds confidence in an estate agent :

The vast majority of online activities that an estate agent undertakes is to develop their brand and reputation. Being online is an ideal way to provide confidence to potential buyers, ensuring buyers that this is a firm with a solid reputation and who can be trusted to buy from. Vendors know that working with an estate agent with a strong identity is half the battle, because this will ensure that people are keen to see what the estate agent is offering.

Online savvy vendors also understand the increasing importance of video and images online. It is easier for people to view videos, no matter where they are, and through social media platforms, it is easier to upload good quality video content.

Walkthrough videos of a property, focusing on the strengths of the home, will make a massive difference in promoting a property and convincing people to arrange a viewing and develop an interest in a property. While images remain important, the difference a video can make with respect to providing confidence or piquing interest in potential buyers is huge, and this is something that an online savvy vendor will know.

Technology has improved considerably with respect to placing videos and images online, and savvy buyers and sellers are well aware of this. This means that estate agents also need to be aware of these benefits, and an estate agent that utilises the latest technology in promoting a property will stand a better chance of selling the property.

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