Opportunity awaits! Time to shine

Without sounding as though we are harking back to a simpler age with fondness or a sense of loss, there is no denying that before the internet, things were straightforward for people looking to make a move in the property market.

Vendors, landlords and buyers would make their way to a local estate agent and enlist their services. For estate agents who were on the High Street or had a well-established presence in the community, their reputation would precede them, with clients flocking to their doors. For the people who didn’t know where their nearest estate agent was, a quick flick through the Yellow Pages would provide an address or contact number.

Property portals have changed the way estate agents operate
There is no denying that online property portals have changed the way estate agents work. For customers and clients, the process is much more convenient, having the chance to connect with a relevant agent at the click of a link. However, this has caused many issues for estate agents.

It used to be that estate agents hard work, local presence and activity in a neighbourhood would drive traffic to their site and develop their leads. Nowadays, estate agents find that the majority of their leads come through web portals and that they are the last point of contact for their clients.

No business wants to reach this stage because there is a genuine concern that leads can dry up and disappear completely. If you are an estate agent who fondly remembers the era where you were responsible for your own leads, what would you say to the chance of being in control of this process again?

Now is the time to take control and build your brand and personnel through content marketing.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents regain control of their leads and their reputation in their local area. There is no magic formula or secret trick to achieve success, but with our help, you will find that the process is straightforward.

You need to give your audience reasons to choose you
The effective way to develop your reputation and have people come to you is to produce quality articles and video content. Your customers are looking to make an informed decision as to who can best serve their needs. With tailored content, you have a chance to provide your audience with help, with guidance and with everything need to be confident that you are the estate agents who will help them make a successful move in the property market.

As an estate agent, you have a responsibility to advise your audience, to inform them of relevant news and topics, to engage them. When you fulfil these responsibilities, you will find that you gain the trust of your audience, that you strengthen your brand and through becoming the number one option in your local area, you will increase website traffic and produce enquiries.

Website property portals drive traffic to you, but they just as easily drive traffic to other agents and can you be confident that these portals will continue to drive traffic to your business. You need to develop your reputation and ensure that you are the estate agent that is relied on in your area. You can reach your new potential clients before they go to web portals and Agent Media is here to help you.