People Love Statistics – But Only When Handed To Them

People love statistics, and 87% of people know this!

However, it is easy to see why a lot of people find statistics boring, even when they are relevant to their life or next buying decision.

This is why you need to be savvy in how you present statistics. If you can find relevant statistics, and present them to your audience in a manageable and easy to read format, you provide a service that is needed and even admired.

People want to read about statistics, but they probably don’t want to search for them, and they certainly don’t want to break down the information for themselves. If you can present this content in a way that connects your audience with your business, you’ll find achieving success is much simpler online and on social media.

Be relevant to your audience

One thing you must remember when dealing with statistics is to keep it relevant to your audience. There is an abundance of statistics available, but not everything needs to be shared on your site or social media platform.

Even statistics which are close to what you do, or which might seem as though it relates to your work, aren’t always relevant.

If you find a lot of housing statistics, and you are an estate agent, you will think that these figures are perfect for your business and audience.

However, if you only let property and you work with landlords, statistics regarding property buyer behaviour or standard mortgages isn’t really relevant to what you do.

This isn’t to say it is completely irrelevant, but there will be many more statistics that are better suited to what you do.

So, when you stumble on a great source of statistics, take some time to review it, and make sure it does make sense to what you want to achieve with your content.

Explain why the statistics are relevant to your audience

Now, if you have to do a lot of explaining, it might be that the statistics isn’t too relevant to your audience. In that case, you should reconsider if it is a smart option for you to include this point.

However, just offering statistics with no insight can be off-putting to people. A long list of numbers and very little insight is dull, and it might overwhelm people.

Therefore, it is better to talk a little about each point, and explain what it means, or why it might be relevant to your audience. If you can show you understand the numbers, and why it matters in your industry or sector, you position yourself as a trusted source for your audience.

Create images, video clips and infographics to get the point across

With statistics, immediacy is crucial, and this is why the way you present numbers and statistical information is crucial. Rather than presenting bare text, if you can create video or infographics which people with all the information they need, you will find it is a lot more digestible.

The medium of content is vital, and if you are seen as a company that makes things simpler for people, you will develop a reputation as being the company people trust.

When you create visual content, watermark it with your name or logo

Ideally, you want your content to travel far and wide online. However, to reap the benefits of this, you need to make sure people know it originated from you.

This is why you need to brand your content with a logo or name that informs people who created it, and which helps them find you. A simple yet clear logo on the corner of your content will increase your chances of being found by people who enjoy your content.

Reference your statistics as much as you can, but discretely

If you are doing independent research that pulls everything together yourself, tell people you are doing this work. If you are taking these figures from research carried out by other people, make sure you reference the appropriate people.

The reference doesn’t need to be massive, but it should be present and legible. If you don’t reference research, and people find out this isn’t original information, there might be a backlash.

You will still receive the credit for bringing relevant information to your audience, but it is best to be honest in your work.

Contact Agent Media to wow your audience in the right way

At Agent Media, we believe statistics are a brilliant for firms to connect with their audience. The right figures help people make decisions and better understand their life. If you are the company that brings this analysis to people, you will be well-regarded.

However, there is a need to make this content as readable and as accessible as people. In the current climate, people are busy, and they want content they can comprehend immediately.

Long passages of text are still required for many firms and sectors, but with social media being so important for companies, there is also a need to share information immediately. This is why creating and sharing visual content is vital, and with statistics, you can get your point across quickly, and effectively.

If you want to wow your audience with statistics, contact Agent Media, and we will ensure you get your message across in the best possible manner.