People Move Home In Spring – Reach Them Now

Traditionally, the busiest time of year in the property market is spring. Even though the market has evolved considerably in recent times, this is still the case, and it will likely always be the case.

Even though the New Year begins in January, many people view spring as the time for change. There is a reawakening, and on a more practical level, the weather is likely to be more pleasant. Moving home is a stressful enough activity without having to deal with snow, freezing temperatures, wind and howling rain.

Spring can still bring some challenging weather conditions, but by and large, it is a more pleasant time of year than winter. Therefore, people are moving home in spring, and if you are an estate agent, you need to reach the people looking to move.

One thing to bear in mind is that these people are looking for you, or at least someone like you who provides the services you offer. This means there is an audience, but you need to get in front of them, and you need to state why people should trust you rather than one of the many other estate agents they can turn to.

Develop a good reputation and brand on social media

Estate agents are reliant on recommendations and positive reviews from previous clients. This is a sector where people are happy to ask friends and colleagues for tips or guidance on what professionals can be trusted.

This means estate agents need to deliver the highest standard of service at all times, and this includes your online presence.

At the very least, your social media accounts need to be:

  • Up to date with regular content
  • Sharing reviews and testimonials from previous customers
  • Focusing on your local area or the types of property you offer
  • Asking questions that engage people and hopefully start a conversation with you online
  • Share photos and video clips of the homes on offer – not only reaching out to buyers, but showing homeowners how you sell a home

If you aren’t sharing this sort of content on social media, there is a good chance you will be left behind when compared to other estate agents.

Talk about property prices in your local area

Whether someone is looking to you to assist them buy or sell property, one of the most important things they need from you revolves around price. This is crucial information for everyone in the property market, and the best agents not only know the prices, they can explain why the prices are at the level they are.

This is why you should create blog content and offer social media posts that go into detail about the local housing market. It doesn’t take someone with good computer skills to search for and find relevant house prices for an area. This is information that is readily available.

However, knowing average house prices is one thing, but knowing how this price relates to a specific property type or condition is another matter entirely.

If you are an estate agent with expertise and actionable knowledge in a local area, you need to make sure other people are aware of it. It is easy for many potential clients to assume that all estate agents have a good working knowledge of property in the local area, but this is far from the case.

Not all estate agents are equal, and if you can provide a better standard of service than other agents, you must promote this fact.

How do you get your point across to your audience?

There are many ways you can provide information to your audience, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters / Email newsletter
  • Video clips
  • Infographics
  • Audio clips
  • A podcast
  • A guide / PDF guide

Capitalising on your expertise to promote your business and services should be the starting point for all estate agents, and a highly effective way of getting your point across.

You can outsource a lot of this work

Of course, most estate agents are already extremely busy, and don’t have the time to devote to creating all these additional pieces of content. However, knowing how important it is to differentiate yourself from other estate agents, it is worth investing in this work, and yourself.

Outsourcing content creation to a specialist allows you to enjoy the benefit of these content pieces without wasting your time or spreading yourself too thinly.

Contact Agent Media to reach homebuyers and vendors in your local area

At Agent Media, we are content creation specialists who have considerable expertise in working with estate agents. We have helped many firms like yours and professionals like you to engage their audience in an effective and timely manner.

If you want to learn more as to how Agent Media can help you reach the people who want to move home this spring, contact us today.