Quick Ways For Estate Agents To Connect With Clients

If you are an estate agent, you need new instructions, and you need them yesterday!

That cannot be achieved today, but it is possible to bring in new clients as quickly as possible when you use the right strategy.

If you are looking for quick ways for estate agents to connect with clients, we have some fast tips for you.

Focus on a specific niche

It is perfectly understandable why estate agents try to reach out to everyone in their local area. Everyone needs a home, and you aren’t bothered if you connect with a young couple, a big family or an elderly person/couple who are downsizing.

If people want to move, you are there to help them, and that’s fine.

However, when you try to reach everyone, you often miss everyone, because no one thinks that you are speaking to them.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the time it takes to connect with prospective clients, speak to them directly.

Address the problems of an individual group of people, speak in a way they are comfortable with, and showcase the benefits that really matter to them.

By focusing on a specific niche, you target then right people directly, and this will help you to gain instructions quickly.

You need to be engaging on social media

Any estate agent can post on social media. However, a few property listings, a question about the local area and some “inspirational quotes” isn’t being truly engaging.

This content can be found on every estate agent’s page, and if that is the case, why should any client choose you over another agent?

The way for you to connect with people on social media is to be engaging. Showcase your personality, and don’t just ask a question and walk away. When you receive a response, respond again, and if the answer opens up the chance to start a conversation or ask follow-up questions, do so.

By putting proper time and effort into your social media activities, rather than paying lip-service or doing the bare minimum, you will enhance the results you achieve.

Does your content offer value?

If your content helps people make a decision or feel they are better informed about their position in the housing market, you are doing social media well.

However, if people stop and look at your content, and then scroll on without a thought, you are doing yourself no good.

There is an argument that getting people to stop is a triumph in the first place, but if people see you, and don’t care enough to engage or recall you later, has it done any good?

Returning to the idea of focusing on a niche, when you have a target audience in mind, it is easier to speak to them with confidence.

You can offer solutions that meet the exact needs of these people, and this will offer far greater value.

You need to use video

This is a simple tip. You audience wants to view video content, so you should deliver content in this format.

As an estate agent, you should have lots of great images of property, and the local area. At the very least, create slideshow videos of these images.

However, you should do more. You can create fantastic video content from your smartphone these days. The technical quality is good enough for your audience, so all you need to do is offer quality content that makes a difference to how people think about the housing market.

Stay in touch with people

When you stay in touch with people, on social media or by email, you stay at the front of their thoughts. You never when someone will decide to look for a new home or look to sell their house. You also never know when someone will be asked if they know any reliable estate agents in the local area.

By regularly engaging your audience, and reaching out to them with useful information, you will be the agent they think of. When they decide they need an estate agent, they will be more likely to call on your services.

If you are an estate agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to connect with clients quickly. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to become the local estate agent people rely on, and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.