Run A Leaflet Campaign And Enjoy Success

As an estate or letting agent, you have probably created and distributed leaflets to inform your local community of your fees and services. Leaflets are a traditional form of marketing in the property sector, but you don’t need us to tell you they are not effective enough.

Many agents find 99.9% of leaflets go straight into the bin unread.
When it comes to value for money, leaflets are often not a valuable tool for agents, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Value is crucial. Consumers are desperate to find value for money solutions, and as an agent, you must provide content which your audience, vendors and landlords, will find of value.

By doing so, you will generate more business.
When you provide value, you:

• Showcase your expertise
• Create a platform of trust with prospective customers
• Develop relationships
• Encourage people to use your services or recommend you to others
How do you make a leaflet which stands out?

In making a great leaflet which stands out for all the right reasons, it pays to do something a bit different. Most leaflet drops are A5, so we commend using A4, and you should use a double-sided good quality A4 leaflet.

On one side of your leaflet, provide a piece of content which provides value for your audience. Examples of information which adds value to your audience include:

• Local property prices
• Local property yields
• Tips for vendors to stage their home to attract buyers
• Tips for landlords on deciding which type of tenant is best for their needs

At the end of this content, you also need to provide a call to action. The following wording works very well:
Thinking of moving? Call us now to discuss your property needs.

On the other side of your leaflet, you need to make it sticky!
This doesn’t mean sticky to touch, that would be terrible for a leaflet, but the content should be sticky in a way that your audience wants to retain the leaflet.

Offer something of value which the recipient will return to time and again. Examples of content which offer utility include:

• A calendar
• A local business directory
• A selection of reliable local companies with a special offer for these firms
• A list of local events for the year ahead
• A list of fixtures for a local sports team
• Information relating to local emergency services
• Contact details and a brief overview of well-regarded local restaurants

What strategy should you use with your leaflet?
Having a great leaflet is important, but to maximise your return, you need to have a suitable strategy in place.
Direct marketing still has its uses.

Consider running a strategy with three leaflet campaigns, offering value as above, and then run a fourth campaign on a double-sided leaflet.

On this fourth leaflet, provide a list of services you offer, what you do for your clients and describe how and why you are different to other agents in the local area.

Run this above campaign for six months, and you’ll enjoy an outcome that sees you reap the rewards of your leaflet campaign.

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