Self-Employed Estate Agents – How To Market Yourself

There is no denying that more and more people are choosing to become self-employed. This is more relevant in some industries than others, but there is scope for all professionals to at least consider this option.

We have seen an increase in self-employed estate agents of late, and at Agent Media, we are pleased to have helped many clients develop their brand, image and identity. No matter what you want to show to the world, we can help.

When you are out on your own, you need to help people find you, and see the very best of you. Therefore, if you are looking to become a self-employed estate agent, you need to know how to market yourself.

Can you earn more money as a self-employed estate agent?

An October 2021 report suggests a self-employed agent can generate a gross income that could be up to three to five times higher than that of an agent working for a major organisation.

Nested claim:

  • The average estate agent in the UK earns a gross annual income of £24,096
  • With commissions, this figure can rise to £35,595
  • In London, where house prices are higher meaning commissions can rise further, the average estate agent earns £64,982
  • An independent estate agent can earn up to £114,991

Figures like that will grab the attention of anyone, and it is easy to see why many estate agents will consider the self-employed and independent route.

Head of commercial at Nested, Alice Bullard, says: “The UK property market can prove a very lucrative place for employees with the desire to achieve within the estate agency sector. But it takes an extremely driven, motivated individual to make it happen, and even then, the reward is just a fraction of the financial spoils generated from your hard work. “

Alive Bullard concluded by saying; “So it’s hardly surprising that more and more good agents are switching to the self-employed model, not only to increase their income, but to build their own personal brands and receive the recognition they deserve. It’s certainly not for everyone, particularly if you’re happy to sit back and simply fill your quota.”

Should you become a self-employed estate agent?

While the greater income appeals, the role of self-employed estate agent isn’t for everyone.

Setting up by yourself is risky, and you won’t have the support or backing of an organisation or colleague. Unless you have developed a great reputation, and list of contacts over the years, you will likely feel as though you are starting over when you become a self-employed estate agent.

There will be many things you need to take care of yourself whereas previously, there would have been people doing these jobs for you.

At Agent Media, we can assist with the promotional side of the role, so this is what we will focus on from here on.

Focus on the factors that differentiate you

As with all things in life, there are pros and cons associated with being a self-employed estate agent, out on your own.

There will be some clients who prefer to work with an established firm. In doing so, they hope that the expertise and experience of the company will provide them with the support they need.

Of course, just because a customer chooses an experienced firm doesn’t mean they will receive support from an experienced agent.

As a self-employed estate agent, working by yourself and independent, you are what the client sees and works with. When you state your experience, expertise or track record, this is what is on offer to a client. When a company states this, they talk generally, and the customer might not benefit.

Therefore, you need to be proactive in promoting the benefits associated with you compared to larger firms.

You should have more freedom and flexibility, and if you have a compelling personality or strong nature, these are factors you can use to your advantage.

When you market yourself as a self-employed estate agent, it is vital you focus on the individual elements you bring and which will really help your clients.

What you offer is likely to be different from what another agent offers, so don’t speak generally, speak about you and the personal service you bring to the table!

Focus on what your customers want to see

While you need to promote the things you do or can bring to others, you also need to think about your audience.

You must define your audience, and then you must promote yourself in a manner that reaches these people, and which connects with them. Some of the factors you will need to consider include:

  • The area you intend to work in
  • The work you intend to do – will you help people sell homes, help people buy homes, assist landlords, or help tenants
  • The fee you will charge and what people will receive for this work

Your skills, experience and personality will influence what you can do, as will your location. It is vital you set up in an area where there is an audience that you can connect with, and then you need to reach out to these people.

You must have a strong social media presence

Social media and online activities will help you in all these aspects, even physical elements like your location.

By sharing photographs of your local area or areas as you go about your daily routine, you will create a link between yourself and the area you operate in. This creates the platform that ensures people see you as an estate agent in their local area.

Images and video content are essential

Images and video content will help to consolidate your position, as will video posts or blog content which discusses local matters and issues. By talking about the matters which your audience knows or cares about, you position yourself as a person of authority to them.

Trust is essential, and by showing you know and care about the same things your audience cares about, you will go a long way to being the agent people trust.

Testimonials are a must for a self-employed estate agent

The same can be said for testimonials from previous clients.

If you are a self-employed or independent agent, you need to work harder to gain the trust of prospective clients. One of the most effective ways of developing trust in new customers is to show them what your previous or existing customers think of you.

Ideally, you should ask people to review your services on Google, with these rankings being more important than ever. However, once you have a review, you should repurpose them into social media posts and clips or images for your website.

It is natural a new client will err on the side of caution, choosing an established estate agency firm over you, but if you can provide evidence which means you can be trusted, you’ll find it easier to win new clients over.

Contact Agent Media to market yourself as a self-employed estate agent

Being a self-employed estate agent can be rewarding, but it is a tough job. You will find it easier to manage and maintain if you get help in certain roles.

It makes sense for you to focus on your core strengths and the roles that add value to your customer. You should therefore look to experts for help in other parts of your business, and this is where Agent Media will make a difference.

We are highly experienced when it comes to assisting estate agents and agencies promote their services and reach their customer. We appreciate every firm and individual is unique, but we bring your qualities and capabilities to the fore.

If you need assistance in marketing your self-employed estate agent services, contact Agent Media today and get ready to welcome clients.