Selling A Local Area As Well As Homes

As an estate agent who sells homes, there is a lot to be said for the fact you sell a lot more than homes.

The property might be the factor that is listed on the title deeds, but you are selling comfort, assurance, confidence, happiness and a mark of achievement in life. You might extol the virtues of a three-bedroom home or a property with a large garden, but really, it is the happy family life and chance of a settled future that you sell to people.

Of course, in another way, you also need to sell other more tangible things.

When you sell a home, you also need to sell a local area.

Sometimes, this part will be easy. If a prospective buyer has lived in the area all their days or their heart is set on living in this part of the country, you don’t need to do a lot to sell what is around the home. You can focus on the property, and the benefits to the buyer.

However, now more than ever, people are moving around a lot more, and they are open to moving to new areas.

Prospective buyers will carry out their own research, and it is likely they will have a good idea of what is available in a local area. You should take this further though, and by providing advice and guidance on what a local area offers, and what it means to homeowners, you will be viewed as a trusted source in the local property market.

Trust is everything in the property market

With so many estate agents to choose from, you need to stand out from the crowd to win over clients.

One of the most effective ways you can be the agent people trust and recommend is to be a trusted authority in your local area, and in the type of homes you sell.

If you have a physical presence with a High Street store, you develop awareness in people. However, whether you have this or not, you can bolster your reputation by being proactive online.

By developing a strong website and being active on social media, you will be associated with your local area, and at Agent Media, we can help.

Some of the things a reliable local estate agent should help with includes the following:

  • Local school options, the catchment area, Ofsted ratings and what local parents think about the school
  • Local transport options and hubs, how easy it is to get to other places and the affordable nature of travel
  • What shops are in the local area, the general atmosphere of the local retail market and if there are any unique or specialist areas or stores to consider
  • The crime rate and whether people feel safe and secure at home, and when moving around the local area, especially at night
  • The nightlife and social activities, what is on offer, is it affordable, it is easy to reach, is it noisy and doesn’t it impact on local life
  • Are there many community groups or social activities that people can join with?
  • Are there parks and outdoor space where people can relax, socialise or exercise
  • Are there sports clubs, gyms or other places where fitness is the main focus
  • Is there a lot for youngsters to do, is it affordable and is it noisy?

These are all key things to consider when promoting a local area, and if you know your most likely clients, you can tailor the information to their needs.

If you help elderly couples downsize and find a great home to enjoy their golden years, the number of nightclubs in an area is less of an issue, unless they are concerned about noise late at night. They might be looking for social groups for themselves, or perhaps local parks and play areas where they can welcome grandchildren.

Conversely, young professionals will want different information regarding nightclubs, bars and restaurants. They will be less focused on the noise at closing time, and more interested in what is on offer, what the clientele is like and how affordable it is.

With a bit of research, you have the information that all prospective buyers need, but how and what you share will have a big impact on how you connect with clients.

As with everything in business, and especially in the property market, you must make sure you know your audience, and that you give them what they are looking for.

Get out and about in your local area

In addition to giving people the facts and figures associated with local life, alongside genuine insight, the best way for you to be recognised as a trusted source in your local area is to be out there.

Even in your everyday line of work, you will be out in your community, and you have an excellent opportunity to take photographs and create video content that will appeal to and connect with people in your local area.

On a busy timeline, photos and video content of local places, and stories of local news, will make people stop scrolling, and pay attention.

As a local estate agent, you have a genuine opportunity to create and share content that people want to see, and which matters to them.

The vast majority of smartphones these days have cameras that allow you to take good enough photographs that showcase the local area, and which you can share with your audience.

Speak with people and professionals in the local area

As an estate agent representing a local area, it is natural people will trust you as a source of news, information, guides and tips. However, the reality is you cannot do everything, and no one should expect you to have the answers to every question.

The thing is though, you might not know all the answers to all the questions which might arise, but you can connect with the people you do.

If you want to give the best impression of what life in the local area has to offer, speak with people. Setting up a quick Q&A session with local shop owners, bar and restaurant managers, community group leaders, parents and others builds up a body of work which showcases the very best (and perhaps worst) of what your area offers.

The most important thing is that it is a genuine and honest appraisal of what the local area offers, and this will help you connect with likely buyers. Also, when local vendors see the work you do in promoting local areas as well as homes, they will be interested in using your services.

As an estate agent, you shouldn’t look to do everything by yourself. Connecting with trusted people and reliable sources will help you provide the best standard of service to your clients, and this will only be of benefit to you in the long run.

Also, if you showcase local businesses or people on your website and social media pages, it is likely you will receive a lot of shares. This boosts your authority, it is great for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes, and it puts you in front of potential new customers.

Contact Agent Media to sell local areas as well as homes

At Agent Media, we know the important of promoting the benefits of a local area when selling a home. We work closely with agents to ensure the local features and facilities are prominent in their blog content and social media output.

We are also pleased to say we have assisted many agents in creating guides which express the benefits of a local area. If you want to make a quick but lasting impact on prospective clients, showcasing the key points of an area will stand you out from the crowd.

If you are keen to be the leading agent in your local area, contact Agent Media today, and we will do what we can to assist you reach your audience.