Selling Homes Using Facebook Live

If you are an estate agent, you’ve likely have spent a lot of time in the past few weeks and months developing your awareness and use of video content. Video content, such as virtual views, video tours and real-time chat, have long been highlighted as a way for agents to connect with their audience.

However, in dealing with COVID-19, video connectivity is a necessary factor for all parties in the housing market. Agents need to utilise video technology now, but the video will remain part of the housing industry when the market moves forward. Therefore, it makes sense to get familiar with the video now and utilise its true potential.

You are hopefully up to speed with creating video content for listings, offering virtual viewings and even conducting meetings by video call. This type of video provides your audience with what they want, and it can also be a highly useful tool to communicate amongst your team.

However, there is another way you can use video to promote a property, and we want you to know selling homes using Facebook Live is possible.

What is Facebook Live?

You will likely be familiar with Facebook Live, but if not, it is a live streaming feature which provides you with the chance to broadcast a live video on the Facebook platform. Facebook Live was introduced in April 2016. Once you have created the Facebook Live video, it resides on your page, allowing people who missed the live broadcast to catch up at a later date.

However, with Facebook informing your followers with a notification when you go live, there is a higher chance your audience will see it as it goes out live. Also, you have the opportunity to trail forthcoming live videos, while it is believed the Facebook algorithms favour live video content. This helps to place your content in front of more people.

Benefits of using Facebook Live
If you are new to Facebook Live or you are yet to be convinced by its business capabilities, please consider the following benefits of using Facebook Live:

• You create unique content, which is great for viewers and the Facebook algorithms
• Creating Facebook Live content is cost-effective, always of benefit to businesses
• It is possible to build excitement and interest in new listings and your area
• You can connect with your audience directly, answering questions and building a relationship
• Facebook Live content allows you to talk about community matters, placing you in the heart of your local area
• Facebook Live content creates more engagement and traffic on your page – Facebook claimed it drives ten times the comments due to real-time engagement

So how can you sell a home using Facebook Live?
Now that you know what Facebook Live is, and what the benefits are, how can you use it to sell homes?
It is vital to view Facebook Live as a method of reaching your audience and engaging them. New technology and platforms provide you with the chance to reach more people, and more effectively, but ultimately, the core ways you promote your business or promote a listing are the same as they would be in person, in print or on social media.

Consider the following ways to sell a home during a Facebook Live video:
If it is safe to do so (which might have to wait until after agents can move freely in clients’ homes) conduct a Facebook Live session from the house you are selling. This allows you to show people through the home, and as it is in real-time, you can answer questions or return to places of interest throughout the house.

Discuss the local area, mentioning property prices, what is on offer, and stating your reasons why you believe the property is of value and interest to specific buyers.

Interview the existing owner about the home, and talk about the local area.

Interview local shops, community groups or retailers about the local area, extolling the benefits of living in this location.

Run a Q&A session with your audience, talking about the home and local property area

Ask your audience for permission to send them through a brochure or guide of the property. If you do this in advance, or at the start of the live session, you can then go through the guide contents in the live chat.

Also, try to bring your personality and style to these Facebook Live chats. If you are well known in the local area for being funny, friendly, informative or any other personality type, relax and let your true-self come to the fore.

Rather than worrying about speaking to your whole audience with this content, try to focus on one particular buyer or viewer. Doing so will help you be more personal, and will make it more likely you connect with people.

Be natural when using Facebook Live
You should look into the technical aspect of setting up your video, and you should learn a script in advance as much as you can, but it is essential to be natural. Facebook Live content shouldn’t be seen as a wildly new or different way to engage your audience; it should be a different option that allows you to do the things you already do well.

If you are interested in harnessing the capabilities of Facebook Live content to sell homes, or you need guidance on selling homes on social media, we can help. At Agent Media, we have a strong track record in helping estate agents set up campaigns and run content that promotes their services that connect with viewers and develop relationships.

Drop us an email or phone Agent Media today to see how we can help you sell homes through the use of Facebook Live.

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