How To Set Up A Twitter Advert For Your Letting Agency

Twitter advertising is an increasingly viable option for letting agencies to reach out to new followers as a means to expanding their followers. If you like the idea of Twitter adverts but don’t know where to begin, here is how to set up a Twitter advert for your letting agency.

Type of campaign
When you open up the Twitter Ads platform, you’ll be asked to choose between:
• Promoted Account
• Promoted Tweet

You should choose the Promoted Account option if you are looking to grow your audience and pick up new followers. When you choose this option, you will only pay when you add a follower that has found you through the Promoted Account option.

You should choose the Promoted Tweet option if you are running a campaign or offer and want to direct users to a particular page on your site. When you choose this option, you will only pay when a user engages with the promoted tweet.

Engagement includes:
• Clicking on the tweet
• Retweeting the tweet
• Replying to the tweet
• Choosing to favourite the tweet
• Follow your account

Naming the campaign and scheduling the campaign
You want to name the campaign in a manner that lets you know what it is immediately. A good example would be the month/year and aim for example – “September 2016: New Followers”. You will then set the date and times you want the campaign to run between. It is also possible to schedule the campaign to begin immediately and then run until you actively stop it.

This is the element that most people find to be the trickiest so feel free to take your time with the section. You have a couple of options you can use here.
• Targeting by Username
• Username Targeting

This provides you with the chance to focus on profile usernames that are likely to have a similar audience base to you. This usually involves selecting the market leader or a well-respected company in your industry or area.

If you were a local letting agent, you may think that choosing Rightmove or Zoopla would be a good starting point.

It isn’t the worst starting point, they are big estate agents and people that follow them are likely to have or had an interest in the property market. However, you should bear in mind that these major firms have a nationwide following, which may not be relevant to your local store.

With that in mind, look for local branches of major estate agents or other small independent estate agencies in your area that have a Twitter account for your area. Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to just letting agents. If there are other shops or stores on your street or in the same area, choosing them as your username target is a smart choice as this should provide you with people in the local area.

When using the username targeting option, use common sense. What twitter account is likely to have the audience that you are looking to build? This is the twitter account you want to select.

Interest Targeting
If you are looking for coffee fans, you don’t have to look to other coffee retailers to find followers. You can target people by their interests. You should look for the interests that are closely related to your business and then select those. It may be more difficult to think of interests for a letting agency but this is when you need to consider who you are reaching out to. If most of your tenants are young professionals, it may be that choosing interests based on clubbing, socialising and restaurants could help you find the right people. If you are targeting young families, it may be that looking for interests related to family activities or even children’s groups and events will be relevant.

Obviously, this is a key selection for local businesses. The location options are growing all the time and unless you are a very remote business, you should find that you can select your area. This will allow you to only reach out to people who are within this area. When it comes to targeting people that are close to your business, this could be the most important factor to ensure your campaigns are relevant.

You can also select gender if you so desire. Some retailers or businesses may have a product that is targeted at one of the genders and if this is the case, being able to select a gender to target is a real boost to the relevancy of your campaign. However, bear in mind that not all Twitter accounts have been set up with a gender at the sign-up stage, so this may not be 100% accurate. If you aren’t looking for a specific gender, don’t worry about this option. If you are, it still makes sense to utilise it but review your results very regularly to make sure that you are receiving a suitable return.

Estimated audience size
The upper part of the targeting section will provide you with an Estimated Audience Size and Summary. You need to make sure that you are reaching out to the audience size you expect. If the estimated audience size is too small, you may struggle to receive any sort of return. If the estimated audience size is too large, you may not be targeting a specific niche or selection of audience, which means your advert may struggle to have any impact.

For many businesses, this is the most important aspect, and it is the final stage before your campaign goes live.

You have a choice between selecting from:
• Total Budget
• Daily Budget

When you choose Total Budget, you set a budget for the entire campaign. You can set a maximum amount for your campaign, and your campaign will continue (if scheduled) until this amount of money has been used.

When you choose Daily Budget, you set a budget for each day. You can set a maximum amount for daily expenditure for your campaign and your campaign will run that day until the amount of money has been used. If the maximum level has been reached, the campaign stops and will start again the following day, as long as the campaign is still scheduled to run.

When using the Daily Budget, you can choose between the Standard option, which aims to spread your expenditure over the course of the day or the Accelerated option, which aims to use your daily budget as quickly as possible that day.

Use of the Accelerated option can be handy for companies selling breakfast related options, such as a coffee store, because it will reach more people early on in the day.

There is also the choice to opt for Cost Per Follow, which is a good option if you have chosen the Promoted Account option. This is because you will only pay every time someone follows you after having seen your advert. Twitter will recommend a bid price for you but you should set it lower than that and then review the returns you receive. If you aren’t getting a positive return, raising your bid to the recommended bid level makes sense but you may find that you achieve success for a more affordable price than Twitter suggests.

This should give you everything you need to set up a Twitter account for your letting agency. Twitter adverts are evolving all the time, so there may be new features or options available by the time you try this, but this guide will provide you with the basics and will be more than enough to allow you to get started with an advertising campaign.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK