Setting up Facebook Campaigns in 6 Easy Steps!


If you have been looking online for advice about Facebook advertising, you may have noticed a big difference in some of the instructions and guides. This is because Facebook has made a number of changes to their Facebook advertising campaigns, so you need to make sure you find the most up to date guide.

There is no doubt that the latest evolution of Facebook advertising requires more work, but the results and benefits that come from the additional work should more than justify the additional work you need to take.

Before you get started with your Facebook campaign, it is always of benefit to think about your business and what you are looking to promote. The advertising objective or what you want to achieve through advertising on Facebook should always be the starting point for your new campaign, and this is something that that the site tries to guide you in creating.

Step One: What Is Your Advertising Objective?

Whether you want people to buy from you, attend an event, sign up for a mailing list or any other result, you need to know your objective, and it should always be based around ensuring people take some form of action. You will find that Facebook provides you with a number of potential objectives, including (but not limited to):

• Page Post Engagement
• Page Likes
• Clicks to Website
• Website Conversions
• App Installs
• App Engagements
• Claiming Offers
• Responding to an event

Step Two: Choose Your Image

You are allowed to include 6 images to be part of your advertising campaign and the recommended image size comes in at 1200 x 627, so it is recommended that you have a number of images of this size. Adverts can be uploaded from your computer or hard drive and there is the ability to reposition images for your advert.

Step Three: Focus on Text and Links

This step requires you to choose a Headline for your advert, the text that will sit alongside your image and headline, and there is also the option to choose whether you want your advert appearing as a sponsored story. This is where it will appear to your audience through their friends. There is no additional cost to this option, but recent research indicates that this is not an effective way of promoting your business or objective.

This step also provides you with the chance to preview how your advert will look in the news feed for desktop and mobile users, while also providing a preview for the right column of the Facebook page. You can select where you want your advert to be placed on screen.

Step Four: Select the Audience

This is one of the strongest reasons for advertising on Facebook and this is where you can obtain fantastic value for money. You can create criteria for who can see your advert, including options for:

• Age
• Gender
• Location
• Language speaking
• Interests

You will be presented with a rough estimate for the audience size you can reach on Facebook and adverts with a higher allocated budget will reach more people. You can set adverts to reach out to people who are not already connected to you or your business and you will likely find the interests section to be of most importance.

If you are looking to reach out to an audience who like a sports team, a TV show, a celebrity or an activity, you can include this, allowing you to provide a highly focused campaign.

Step Five: Set Your Budget

Once you have created your campaign and Ad Sets, the next step is to set your budget. You have the option of selecting a daily budget or a budget for a period of time (selected from the lifetime budget option), so you will be able to stay in control of your funds. The minimum budget for an Ad Set is $1.00 and it may be a minimum of 2 times your CPC (cost per click) bid.
The minimum daily budget for any ad set is $1.00 USD and must be at least 2 times your cost per click (CPC) bid. For example, if you have a $1.00 CPC, your daily budget must be at least $2.00.

Step Six: Schedule Your Campaign

You can start your campaign running straight away (upon approval) or you can nominate a start and end date to your campaign. You may also want to set an expenditure limit on your account which means that once your budget has been spent, the adverts will stop running, ensuring you don’t receive any unexpected bills or charges. This is an extremely sensible step to take and it is one that all users should double check.

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Written By

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