Setting Up a Facebook Page for Estate Agents


While most estate agents know that setting up a Facebook page will be of benefit, it is a task that leaves many estate agents with a touch of fear or dread. While Facebook welcomes a phenomenal number of people every single day, companies need to create a viable and high-quality page to make sure that they stand out.

In some ways, a poor quality Facebook page is actually more harmful than having no Facebook page, but by following the right steps, setting up a Facebook page for estate agents isn’t a difficult process.

These are steps you need to take to create your estate agent Facebook page:
• Set up your Facebook account
• Set up your company page
• Fill in all of the information about your business
• Add great images to your company page
• Set up a fan and non-fan Facebook page (this will help to get more fans)
• Utilise a property search tab that links to your website
• Provide tabs which have a call to action or provides an engagement platform for clients
• Create apps, such as a fan of the week app, which encouraged regular returns and engagement
• Provide an app or link where fans can invite their friends to your page
• Set up a twitter page and then add an app linking to it
• Set up a YouTube page and then add an app linking to it
• Make sure there is a way for people to contact and message you
• Encourage your employees, friends and family members to like the page, and get them to encourage their friends and family members to do the same
• Ensure that the Facebook channel is part of your planning and schedules
• Link to Facebook from all correspondence and output
• Encourage vendors to link to your Facebook page – incentives can be offered
• Be sure to engage fans and ask them questions, you will learn what people want from you
• Engage and interact with relevant local firms and organisations
• Share updates from relevant and local firms and organisations
• Set up a blog and post regular (and relevant) information
• Utilise a RSS Graffiti app for your blog
• Make sure you add relevant and newsworthy updates
• Utilise the analytical support provided by Facebook Insights
• Be sure to thank and welcome new users
• Use Facebook adverts to directly each out to people within 5 miles of your base or location
• Place relevant popular YouTube videos on your page
• Utilise relevant and good quality images
• Schedule messages if you are unable to post yourself
• Provide a platform for people to complain and receive a response

You will find that all of these apps, tabs and pages are completely free of charge, which means you can create a high quality social media home for no money at all. If you want to take advantage of the advertising opportunities provided by Facebook, there are costs involved but for everything else, you can engage and interact without spending any money.

If you treat setting up an estate agent Facebook page as seriously as you would do the setting up of a new office, you will find that you will achieve success. There is nothing difficult in setting up a Facebook page for your business, but following the correct steps will help you to achieve success.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK