Share Content That Makes Vendors Trust Your Ability To Sell

You don’t just want social media followers who like your posts or who find you funny. You want to develop a social media audience that is filled with people who think you are the ideal agent to sell their home for them.

Therefore, you need to create content that makes vendors trust your ability to sell. It is helpful to show you know the industry and local area, that you have a process to sell homes and that you have sold homes.

At Agent Media, we know the importance of social media content for estate agents. The right sort of content drives traffic to your site and business, and it helps you gain instructions. We are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents develop content that connects with clients, and we are more than happy to help you.

Provide local and industry news, and then go further
As a starting point, to prove you are connected and active in a specific property market, share current property prices, average prices and asking prices. This is useful information, and it will immediately connect you with the area, and associate you with selling homes here.

For some clients, this will be enough for them to follow you, but in a competitive market, customers are becoming savvier. People know they can obtain sales figures and average values from a range of sources, including the leading property portals.

To position yourself as a property market specialist, you need to provide this information, and then go further. A good way to do this offer evidence from your own business, showcasing how many sign-ups you have had of late, or how many enquiries your office has received.

If you have insight into local house prices, and what affects local property value, share this with your audience.
The average price paid for a property is useful information, but if a homeowner doesn’t know how their home compares to the average home, it isn’t too helpful.

A homeowner whose property is far better than the average home in their area will lose out if they use the average price paid as a benchmark. A property owner whose home is far inferior to the average home in their area might price themselves out of a sale if they use the average price paid as a benchmark.

By going further, you show your skills, and you indicate how you can help a homeowner sell their home.

Smart tip
Consider offering a free property valuation. The client will provide you with an email or contact number for you to arrange the valuation, and you can then showcase your worth by valuing the property, and then discussing how you will sell the home.

Discuss how you will sell the home
Following on from the last point in the Smart tip above, you should have a plan in place to sell a home. Yes, each home is unique, and there is a lot to be said for offering a bespoke service, but as a starting point, estate agents should have procedures in place which help them sell a property.

You should be able to explain to your audience what steps you take in selling property, and why you take this action. If you cannot explain why you do something, or what value it offers, why should a client trust you to sell their home.

However, if you can explain and justify each step, describing how it helps sell property, you will create confidence in you, your agency and the services you offer.

Smart tip
Create a blog post which details the key steps in your house selling process or create a video post where you explain the process. By justifying your actions, you position yourself as a skilled expert who takes the sales process seriously.

Share customer reviews and testimonials
While you should do as much as you can to showcase why you are the ideal agent to sell a customer’s home, you can understand why prospective clients want to see what other people think of you. All agents should look to collect as many reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers as you can.

A body of reviews, hopefully showing a consistency in selling homes, is vital for agents, and social media is the ideal place to share this content. On your Facebook business page, you should have a Reviews section, and you should encourage customers to post there.

You also want to encourage reviews on Google, and on other review sites. The greater the volume of approval for the work you do, the more confident new customers will feel about using you when selling their home.

Smart tip
You should take these reviews and create social media posts with them. You can create a blog, images and a slideshow video. If you have a good connection with your customers, why not ask them to create a video review for you, or interview them on camera at the end of the sales process.

Not everyone likes doing this, but the impact of a video review from a satisfied customer on social media is huge, and you should try to create this style of content.

If you are an estate agent who wants people to trust you to sell their home, you need to prove you can sell homes. The best way of achieving this is to share past experiences and your knowledge on social media.

At Agent Media, we are social media specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.
If you want to learn how you can create and share content that makes vendors trust your ability to sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.