Share Local News And Events To Help Show How Important The Local Community Is To Your Estate Agency

Estate agents can develop their reputation and audience in many ways, but given that many estate agents focus on a particular area, doesn’t it make sense to develop your audience in this area?

There are many ways to do this but the most effective way is to immerse yourself in the local area and getting involved with the local community.

If your business can shine a light on other companies and events, you’ll find that the benefits of doing so will more than reward you for your time and effort.

Sharing local news and events promotes other people
It is not the case that you should only promote other people in order to be promoted by them, but you should see that it will increase the likelihood of being promoted by others. Promoting or talking about someone else may draw their attention to you, and this could be the platform to develop a working relationship.

Many people take an active interest in their local community, and if you also show that you genuinely care or hold an interest in the local community, it is more likely that other people will take an interest in you. While the internet has made it easier to buy from all around the world, there is a growing trend to buying locally and supporting local communities.

Many areas have a thriving local community where firms that actively play a part in promoting the community and other stores or events will benefit through sales and patronage. While talking about others and sharing content regarding other events isn’t necessarily going to create sales for you, in the long term, being active and positive in a community is likely to develop your audience and customer base.

Estate agents can benefit from being seen as local experts
One of the most important qualities an estate agent can offer is local knowledge, which means your estate agency should be providing local news and information. If people recognise you as being an expert in your area, they will be more confident about dealing with you.

Sharing local news helps you be regarded as a reliable authority
In the online era, there are so many more firms and businesses to choose from, and it is understandable that many consumers are unsure about who they should trust. If they are left with a choice between a firm that only talks about themselves or a firm that talks about the local area and industry, it is more likely that they will opt to buy from the company that talks about the local area.

A lot of this is down to the fact that sharing news show that you understand issues that local people face. If you can position yourself as an industry expert or as a company that knows what local people are going through, you’ll find that more people elect to deal with you.

This is as true for an estate agent as it is for a store; in fact, it is more likely for an estate agent. This is because buying or letting property is a bigger investment and is of greater importance than buying a product.

Tenants or potential buyers want to know that they can trust the estate agent they are dealing with, and being active within your local community is a great way to develop trust.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK