Why Sharing Industry News Can Help Show Authority To Your Next Vendor Or Landlord

While the social media era has brought many opportunities to promote yourself effectively and engage with relevant parties, it has also brought some problems. Even traditional markets, such as the property or lettings market, have been impacted on by the emergence of social media and digital markets.

The presence of property portals and the ability to set up an online site quickly and affordably means that the market is more crowded than it used to be. There has also been a blurring in the market. Estate agents and letting agencies that have a physical presence have a better chance of being recognised as trustworthy or reliable due to their physical presence, but how do good online estate agents differentiate themselves from the bad or untested estate agents who have appeared in recent times?

Trust is essential in the digital era
In the modern era, trust is increasingly important and it is harder to obtain. This isn’t a bad thing though because if you are willing to put the time and effort in that builds trust, you’ll find that customers, vendors, tenants and other landlords will recognise what you have to offer.

Through your own site, your blog and your social media platforms you should be engaging and you should showcase your nature. These are important aspects but as they are based around promoting your firm, it may not always help to showcase your authority. If you are looking to be regarded as an industry authority, you should share industry news.
Some of the reasons why sharing industry news helps you become regarded as an authority include:

• Sharing industry news shows that you can look beyond your own promotional activities
• Sharing industry news shows that you research and take an interest in your local area or industry
• Sharing industry news indicates that you are looking out for your clients and partners
• If you comment on industry news, it indicates that you understand your industry and can be relied upon for insight

With respect to social media, people are keen to find content that they can share. If you are the estate agent that regularly provides interesting and relevant news articles that are shared by clients, vendors and tenants, you will very quickly become recognised as a reliable and respected firm in your area.

This will lead to people recommending you, it will lead to people looking out for your information and you’ll likely find that rather than waiting for your content to be shared by other people, people will follow you directly.

Being seen as a trusted source of industry news is an ideal way to develop a fan-base and to build trust between yourself and your followers.

Too many businesses focus solely on promotion or engaging their customers/clients directly with sales material and then wonder why they cannot build a following. By proving yourself as a business that understands the industry, is up to date with the latest news and is keen to share this information with others, you’ll find that you can reach your ultimate business goals through being recognised as an authority in your industry.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK